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Uralla Community Climate Change Forum, Democracy in Action

The Uralla Community Climate Change Forum (U3CF) is an award winning* environmental advocacy group comprising Uralla Shire residents. The forum originated in the community Climate Consensus Project in October 2008.

Climate Consensus Project
The Climate Consensus Project was an initiative of the Nature Conservation Council, NSW. Uralla Shire residents embraced the concept in October 2008 by participating in a forum to discuss the impact climate change will have on the Uralla region. The group then discussed the actions needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

While the primary aim of the project was to assist local and state government to understand and incorporate community opinions, values, priorities and expertise into their decision making, a secondary aim was to develop and nurture public participation in Council’s long term environmental goals.

Forum results
The Forum reached consensus on 40 strategies for local action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The strategies encompass a wide range of activities and goals across many sectors.

As testimony to Uralla Shire Council’s support and endorsement of the forum all 40 strategies were adopted by Council as Recommendations within the Management Plan 2010-2013. Council is currently working towards the implementation of all of these strategies.

You can see the Recommendations by following this link to Council’s Management Plan.

U3CF Today
Today, U3CF maintains its advocacy and discursive role in promoting and analysing environmental issues and their solutions. Suggestions are taken from U3CF meetings to Uralla Shire Council’s Environmental Committee for deliberation. If accepted by the Environmental Committee, recommendations are progressed to full Ordinary Meetings of Council for adoption.

The U3CF Aims and Priorities are available to view and download from the following link.

U3CF Aims and Priorities (pdf 58kb)

Joining U3CF
Any resident of Uralla Shire can join U3CF. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month at 5.30 pm in Council chambers. For further information, you can contact Uralla Shire Councils Environmental Project Officer via email or on 6778 6316.

You might like to download final report from the Climate Consensus Project 2008 here.

* Awarded the Highly Commended Award under Category 1 “ Enhancement in Public Participation” hosted by the International Association for Public Participation.