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Uralla Shire Environmental Committee

In 2014 Uralla Shire Council revised their committee structure. The new Committee structure was adopted at the September Council meeting.

The function of the Uralla Shire Council Environment Committee has been rolled into the Environment & Water Cycle Committee. Minutes from the meetings of this Committee can be found by clicking ‘Your Council’ and ‘Committees of Council’.

In addition, Council will establish eight Strategic Community Consultative Panels, one of which will be tasked with Environmental Management.

If you are interested in nominating for this Panel, please contact the Environmental Management Coordinator on 6778 6300.

The purpose of the Uralla Shire Environmental Committee is to provide support and advice, and make recommendations to Council for decisions affecting the environment of Uralla Shire. The Committee meets monthly, normally on the first Tuesday, to discuss Council environmental policy and practice in the areas of:

  • Waste service;
  • Land management;
  • River, creek and wetland management;
  • Biodiversity and threatened species;
  • Feral animal and weed control; and
  • Energy use and conservation.

Recommendations made by the Environmental Committee are forwarded to the following Ordinary Meeting of Council for consideration and, if accepted, adopted.

Membership and representation
The Committee is comprised of seven members (four Councillor Delegates and three Staff Delegates) with personal or vocational knowledge and interest in the Shire's environment and natural resource management.

The Environmental Committee is guided by the environmental goals and objectives of the Uralla Shire Community, as expressed in the Community Strategic Plan. In addition, the Local Government Act, 1993, requires that council, councillors and council employees: “have regard to the principles of ecologically sustainable development in carrying out their responsibilities.” The Environmental Committee provides advice to Council so that Council can comply with Ecological Sustainable Development criteria.

You may like to read the definition of Ecological Sustainable Development, along with the related clauses as given by the Local Government Act, 1993, by clicking on the following link.

Definition of Ecological Sustainable Development (pdf 434kb)

Meeting dates 2014
The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 9.00am in Council Chambers. The scheduled dates for meetings in 2014 are as follows: 

4 February
4 March
1 April 
6 May
3 June
1 July
5 August
2 September
7 October 
4 November
2 December

The Committee will hold its annual meeting during the period between October and November each year.

What issues does the Committee discuss?
The agenda for Environmental Committee meetings will be advertised on this page prior to the meeting. Minutes and other documents will (normally) be available within five working days of the meeting. Any matters covered by Section 10A of the Local Government Act 1993, such as commercial in confidence information, will not be made public.

The following downloads are copies of the minutes and attachments for the current calendar year. You can access documents from other years as recorded in Council's Business Papers via the following link.

Uralla Shire Council Business Papers

Download documents

Uralla Shire Environmental Committee Constitution (pdf 141kb)


Agenda Environmental Committee 1 April 2014 (pdf 61kb)

Agenda Environmental Committee 11 March 2014 (pdf 65kb)

Agenda Environmental Committee 4 February 2014 (pdf 60kb)


Minutes Environmental Committee 11 March 2014 (pdf 74kb)

Minutes Environmental Committee 4 February 2014 (pdf 77kb)