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Cemeteries, or burial grounds as they are often called, are an historical record of local communities within the Uralla Shire. The memorials document growth, recording important events or periods in the history of the Shire. Unlike most other histories, cemeteries document the lives of all, rich or poor, prominent or humble. The memorials also provide valuable information on individuals or families who were important locally. They enable people to conduct genealogical research and historians to interpret the social and economic development of the area.

There are several cemeteries within the Uralla Shire some of which are private.

The cemeteries which are accessible to the general public are:

  • Bundarra Cemetery on Dawkins Road,
  • Uralla General Cemetery on Kingstown Road and
  • Uralla Pioneer Cemetery on John Street.
    This cemetery is also known as the Old Uralla Cemetery or Uralla Square Cemetery.

The Council has prepared the booklet Old Uralla Cemetery which provides a brief history of the cemetery and information about those interred there.

The booklet can be purchased at the Visitor Information Centre 104 Bridge Street, Uralla NSW 2358. Phone (02) 6778 6420 or email: 


Further information about some of Uralla’s cemeteries can be viewed at the Australian Cemeteries Index website.