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Uralla Shire provides residents with a rural style quality of life in a natural environment. The history of the shire has emerged from a mix of cultures including an indigenous population, early European settlers that focused on timber and farming and Chinese workers that arrived during the gold rush period. Today the shire offers a strong rural community based on a mix of successful farming pursuits, small businesses and the emergence of arts and crafts, wineries and a relatively strong tourist element based on festivals, events and natural tourist attractions.
There is a strong sense of community in Uralla. Uralla itself is recognised for its village atmosphere and the quality and history of its buildings and experiences. A strong network of community groups, of regular markets and events create lasting bonds and not only bring people together but offer opportunities for people to feel part of the community and to make a personal contribution.
Below are just some of the benefits of working at Council
Roster cycles – flexible working hours
We are committed to providing a working environment that is sufficiently flexible to meet the operational requirements and workload demands of Council while accommodating, where possible, the needs of its employees.
Education assistance
We encourage employee development by providing monetary and educational leave assistance for approved studies, which are of demonstrable value to both Council and the employee.
Learning and development opportunities
We are committed to ensuring our employees have access to the training they require to undertake their role.
Work Health and Safety
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors, volunteer workers and visitors to the workplace. 
Bullying and harassment
We are committed to providing a workplace where people are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
Smoking in the workplace
We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment where employees are not exposed to tobacco smoke. For this reason, smoking is not allowed in any Council office, building, vehicle, plant, and specific work sites.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
This program provides assistance through short-term professional counselling for employees and members of their immediate families, who face problems of a work or personal nature. The EAP is an offsite service that offers confidential and professional assistance to employees.