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Work experience at Council
We aim to facilitate the acquisition of job related skills and knowledge through work experience placements for people undertaking educational training either at school, TAFE or university.
The number of work experience placements available depends on the ability of the work area to provide effective on the job work experience at a time suitable to both the department and the student.
If you are interested in undertaking work experience with us or would like further information, read and complete the Work Experience application form and email it to our Human Resources team
Induction Process 
All work experience participants must undertake an induction on their first day of work. The induction aims to inform people of their workplace health and safety requirements.
Further Information 
Please refer to contact the Human Resources team on 02 6778 6300 or email 
Many people volunteer with Council each year to help provide community, library, tourism and environmental services across our region.
Council aims to provide a diverse range of opportunities for volunteers and is appreciative of the skills, experiences, talents, ideas and energies that volunteers bring to Council.  
Volunteering offers many benefits, including:
- to have fun;
- meeting new people;
- learning or developing skills;
- gaining work experience;
- making a contribution to the community;
- enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfilment 
- boost self esteem 
- enjoy better physical and mental health.
If you are considering becoming a volunteer and helping our local community or would like some more information, please contact Council on (02) 6778 6300.