Sewer Charges

Sewer Charges

Uralla and Bundarra Residential sewer access charge Per annum single dwelling per lot/unit $572.00
Uralla and Bundarra Commercial sewer access charge Per annum single business $400.00
Usage charge Per kL $1.25
Uralla and Bundarra unconnected lot sewer service charge Per annum per Lot $572.00


Sewer Connection charges

Application Fee and Provision of Connection   Per Connection    
Provide junction to main on property (previously 'application fee')   Council staff exposed main    $1,000.00
Provide junction with extension beyond property (previously 'application fee')   Per m construction cost plus other design requirements Per m construction cost + cost of additional design requirements will apply. Price on Application.


Trade Waste charges

Trade Waste - application fee all   Per annum   $76.00
Trade Waste - usage   Per kL   $1.38


Drainage fees 

Copy of Drainage Plan   Per plan   $37.00