Koalas in the Northern Tablelands


Koalas are listed as a endangered species in NSW. 

Between 5 to 10% of NSW’s koalas are estimated to live in the Northern Tablelands, including the Uralla Shire. 

Koala populations in NSW are under significant threat of extinction in many areas due to urban development, habitat clearing and fragmentation, disease and climate related events such as drought and bushfires. Protecting and establishing koala habitat on private and public lands across the northern tablelands is vitally important to provide koalas with habitat and refuge areas.

Koalas in the Northern Tablelands have moderate to large home ranges sometimes exceeding 100ha and therefore require large areas of forest and woodlands for habitat.

By being aware of the presence of koalas and their habitat and potential risks such as dog attacks and motor vehicle strikes, visitors and residents of the Uralla Shire can help to support and protect koala populations.

Koala sightings

Koala sightings can be reported by;

Reporting koala sightings will help obtain and direct future funding for koala conservation. The map below shows reported koala sightings in the local area.

USC Map Koala Sightings.jpg

Food and habitat trees

There are over 40 Eucalyptus species in our local area that provide food for koalas including most stringybark species, Yellow Box, Red Gum and Ribbon Gums. Other trees including casuarinas, tea trees and acacias provide habitat which helps protect koalas from extreme hot and cold and from predators. For a comprehensive list of feed trees and habitat trees, please contact Southern New England Landcare.

Tips for pet owners

  • Check trees for koalas. Koalas can sometimes be found in trees other than Eucalypts.
  • Use koala friendly fencing or add climbing structures such as thick ropes and ladders.
  • Secure pets when you are not at home.
  • Notify neighbours and report the koala sighting.

Found an injured koala?

If you discover a sick or injured koala, do not try and handle them unless you are trained. To secure a koala, place a large box or upturned laundry basket over them. 

If you find koalas in distress or threatened by humans, dogs or vehicles contact:

  • Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers on 1800 008 290 or 
  • WIRES 1300 094 737 


Southern New England Landcare: snelandcare.org.au 

Southern New England Landcare hosts The Northern Tablelands Koala Partnership Project and sponsored by the NSW Government Saving Our Species program. The project provides funding to establish partnerships with Councils, organisations and the community that will enable direct actions to support the survival of the Koala for the next 100 years and beyond. 

Department of Planning Industry and Environment: koala.nsw.gov.au

Northern Tablelands Local Land Service: Cool Country Koala