Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Uralla Shire Council operates three facilities licenced under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1977 (POEO Act). A licence is referred to as an Environmental Protection Licence, or EPL. These are the Uralla Landfill (EPL 5899), the Uralla Water Treatment Plant (EPL 1629) and the Uralla Sewerage Treatment Plant (EPL 1626).

Under the Protection of Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) Council is required to prepare and implement a pollution incident response management plan for any facility for which it holds an Environmental Protection Licence.

Section 66 of the POEO Act 1977 requires that managers of licenced facilities make pollution monitoring data publically available. This aims to improve the public's access to information and performance of the licence conditions.

Pollution Incident Response and Monitoring Data, Uralla Water and Sewer

Uralla Sewerage Treatment Plant - Licence No. 1626

Location: Flat Rock Road, Uralla NSW 2358

Uralla Water Treatment Plant - Licence No. 1629

Location: Waterworks Road, Uralla NSW 2358

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)

Water and Sewer Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - May 2020(PDF, 836KB)

Monitoring Data

Monitoring Data - EPL 1629 Uralla Water Treatment Licence - Period April 2021-March 2022(PDF, 220KB)

Monitoring Data - EPL 1626 Uralla Sewage Treatment Works Plant Licence - Period April 2021-March 2022(PDF, 223KB)

Pollution Incident Response and Monitoring Data, Uralla Landfill

Uralla Landfill - Licence No. 5899

Location: Rowan Avenue, Uralla NSW 2358

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) - Uralla Landfill - November 2020(PDF, 1MB)

Uralla Landfill Monitoring Data - August 2021(PDF, 397KB)

Uralla Landfill Monitoring Data - March 2021(PDF, 340KB)

Annual Report Uralla Landfill 2020(PDF, 367KB)

Uralla Pollution Incident Response – Maps(PDF, 16MB)