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DA-19-2024 SMK Consultants 152 Staces Road, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 17/5/2024 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 234KB) N/A Under Notification
DA-60-2021-2 Mr M Abel 218 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Dwelling Modification 16/5/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 882KB) Elevations(PDF, 120KB) Under Assessment
DA-18-2024 Mr J Ketley 8 Hunter Place, Uralla Shed 16/5/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 44KB) Elevations(PDF, 182KB) Under Assessment
DA-17-2024 Mr J Whiteley 21 Rowena Road, Kingstown Dwelling in Shed 8/5/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 7MB) Elevations(PDF, 1010KB) Under Notification
DA-16-2024 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 27 Fitzroy Street, Uralla Secondary Dwelling (Manufactured) 8/5/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 575KB) Elevations(PDF, 575KB) Under Notification
DA-17-2022-3 RuralPlan Consultants 500 Arding Road, Arding Dwelling Modification (Tank Relocation) 8/5/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 88KB) N/A Under Assessment
DA-15-2024 Mr D Flavel 786 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 7/5/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 396KB)  Elevations(PDF, 466KB) Under Notification
DA-14-2024 New England Surveying & Engineering 38 Queen Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 3/5/2024 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 1MB) N/A Under Notification
DA-13-2024 Ural Australia Pty Ltd 119 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use - from Wholesale Motor Dealer to Retain Motor Dealer 30/4/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 462KB) N/A Under Assessment
DA-12-2024 Mr D Burnett 9 Park Street, Uralla Shed with attached Carport 12/4/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 401KB) Elevations(PDF, 447KB) Approved
DA-11-2024 NSW Development Project Management Pty Ltd 828 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Rural Subdivision - 1 Lot into 8 Lots 12/4/2024 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 2MB) N/A Under Notification
DA-10-2024 Ms L Maynard 288 Kentucky Road, Kentucky Laundry Renovation 10/4/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 37KB) Elevations(PDF, 47KB) Approved
DA-10-2022-3 Mr H Carlon 8 Faulkner Street, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision - Modification 18/3/2024 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 1MB) N/A Under Assessment
DA-9-2024 Ambrose Building Development Solution 61 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Detached Shed 6/3/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 263KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-8-2024 Mr W Cook 11 Goldfinch Street, Bundarra Shed 1/3/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 88KB) Elevations(PDF, 330KB) Approved
DA-7-2024 Ambrose Building Development Solutions Lot 2, 189 Balala Road, Balala Dual Occupancy 1/3/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 399KB) Elevations(PDF, 501KB) Approved
DA-6-2024 Current Consulting & Investment Pty Ltd 75 Rosehill Road, Arding Subdivision Boundary Adjustment - 2 Lots into 2 Lots 29/2/2024 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 434KB) N/A Approved
DA-5-2024 Ms C McDougall 16 Cooper Street, Uralla Storage Shed 29/2/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 726KB) Elevations(PDF, 121KB) Approved
DA-53-2023-2 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 84 Quartz Gully Road, Uralla Dwelling with attached Garage and Rainwater Tank (210,000L) 16/2/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 11MB) Elevations(PDF, 457KB) Approved
DA-4-2024 Austam Homes 57 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Manufactured Home 14/2/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 79KB) Elevations(PDF, 107KB) Approved
DA-3-2024 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 43B King Street, Uralla Detached Dual Occupancy 12/2/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-2-2024 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 7166 New England Highway, Kentucky Dwelling 30/1/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 4MB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-1-2024 Mrs G Barker 1 Marsh Street, Uralla Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 25/1/2024 Site Plan(PDF, 25KB)
Elevations(PDF, 205KB) Approved
DA-33-2022-2 Austam Homes 1516 Torryburn Road, Torryburn Dual Occupancy Manufactured Dwelling 1/12/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 87KB) Elevations(PDF, 364KB) Approved
DA-78-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 41 Uralla Street North, Uralla Garage with Carport 28/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 394KB) Approved
DA-77-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 11 McGregor Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions - Internal Alterations including Bathroom & Laundry and Front & Rear Deck Additions 29/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 316KB) Elevations(PDF, 548KB) Approved
DA-76-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 58 & 62 Mundays Lane, Saumarez Ponds Boundary Adjustment 24/11/2023 Plan of Boundary Adjustment(PDF, 320KB) N/A Approved
DA-75-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 99 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Shed including Office & Bathroom 16/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 179KB) Approved
DA-74-2023 Ms S Bryan 1315 Bundarra Road, Invertowrie Conversion of Workshop to Habitable Rooms & Alterations to Existing Dwelling 14/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 542KB) Elevations(PDF, 540KB) Awaiting Applicant
DA-73-2023 Mr J Caldwell 17 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie Dwelling 6/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 166KB) Elevations(PDF, 540KB) Approved
DA-72-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 117 Bridge Street, Uralla Service Station 3/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 3MB) Elevations(PDF, 3MB) Under Assessment
DA-71-2023 Hibbards Pty Ltd Lot 2 Muirhead Street, Bundarra Dwelling 1/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 317KB) Elevations(PDF, 882KB) Approved
DA-70-2023 Hibbards Pty Ltd Lot 1 Muirhead Street, Bundarra Dwelling with Attached Granny Flat and Retaining Wall 1/11/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 337KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-69-2023 ABODE Building Design 17 Leece Road, Uralla Dwelling & Shed 23/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 317KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-68-2023 Ms G Noone 13 Park Street, Uralla Cantilever Carport 23/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 102KB) Elevations(PDF, 515KB) Approved
DA-67-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 56 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Supermarket & Shop Top Housing 16/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 4MB) Elevations(PDF, 13MB)  


DA-66-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 5 Bligh Avenue, Uralla Shed 13/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 385KB) Elevations(PDF, 53KB) Approved
DA-65-2023 Mrs L McLane 10 Depot Road, Uralla Shed 13/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 253KB) Elevations(PDF, 118KB) Approved
DA-64-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 17 Warwick Street, Uralla Detached Dual Occupancy and Shed 12/10/2023  Site Plan(PDF, 923KB) Elevations(PDF, 764KB) Approved
DA-63-2023 The Trustee for New England Trust 136 Bridge Street, Uralla Demolition of Old Service Station 6/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 195KB) N/A Approved
DA-62-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 57 Bullens Road, Rocky River Dwelling alterations & Additions and Detached Carport 4/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 241KB) Elevations(PDF, 480KB) Approved
DA-61-2023 Mr Aden Mcfarlane 37 Leece Road, Uralla Shed 10/10/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 305KB) Approved
DA-20-2023-2 Ambrose Building Development Solutions  3481 Thunderbolts Way, Salisbury Plains Dwelling & Shed Modifications 20/9/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 3MB) Elevations(PDF, 405KB) Approved
DA-60-2023 MA & MJ Stocks Pty Ltd 3 King Street, Uralla Caravan Carport 20/9/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 626KB) Elevations(PDF, 366KB) Approved
DA-72-2022-2 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 189 Everton Vale Road, Rocky River Dwelling Modification 20/9/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 1003KB) Approved
DA-59-2023 Croft Surveying & Mapping 39 Maitland Street & 26 Hill Street, Uralla Boundary Adjustment 13/9/2023 Plan of Boundary Adjustment(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-58-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 45 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds Staged Dual Occupancy 8/9/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 9MB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-57-2023 NSW Development Project Management Pty Ltd Lot 4 Mundays Lane, Saumarez Ponds 19 Lot Subdivision 12/9/2023 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-56-2023 Croft Surveying & Mapping 376 Kingstown Road, Uralla Boundary Adjustment 1/9/2023 Plan of Boundary Adjustment(PDF, 325KB) N/A Approved
DA-55-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 340 Kingstown Road, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision 31/8/2023 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 3MB) N/A Approved
DA-54-2023 Alpha Omega Town Planning  41 Salisbury Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions 31/8/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 11MB) Elevations(PDF, 34KB) Approved
DA-53-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 84 Quartz Gully Road, Uralla Dwelling 31/8/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 12MB) Elevations(PDF, 686KB) Approved
DA-52-2023 Rotary Club of Uralla Alma Park, Queen Street, Uralla Community Event in Public Park - Thunderbolts Festival N/A Site Plan(PDF, 170KB) N/A Approved
DA-51-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 20 McCrossin Street, Uralla Dual Occupancy - Conversion of Existing Shed to Dwelling 8/8/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 810KB) Elevations(PDF, 437KB) Approved
DA-50-2023 ABODE Building Design 2 Souter Street, Bundarra Shed 24/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 202KB) Elevations(PDF, 504KB) Approved
DA-49-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions Lot 10, 189 Balala Road, Balala Dwelling 2/8/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 622KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-48-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions Lot 3, 189 Balala Road, Balala Dwelling 2/8/2023 (PDF, 652KB)Site Plan(PDF, 652KB) Elevations(PDF, 842KB) Approved
DA-47-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions Lot 2, 189 Balala Road, Balala Dwelling 2/8/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 662KB) Elevations(PDF, 494KB) Approved
DA-46-2023 New England Lapidary & Fossicking Club 8A King Street, Uralla Alterations & Additions to New England Lapidary & Fossicking Clubhouse 31/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 829KB) Elevations(PDF, 927KB) Approved
DA-45-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 2 Somerset Close, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 31/7/2023 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 208KB) N/A Approved
DA-44-2023 Mr B Ryan 31 Hill Street, Uralla Alterations & Additions to Commercial Development - New Roof & Awning Over Dining Area & Signage 1/8/2023 Site Plan & Artist Impressions(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 589KB) Approved
DA-43-2023 Perry Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd 19 Leece Road, Uralla Dwelling 26/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 209KB) Elevations(PDF, 438KB) Approved
DA-42-2023 Perry Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd 61 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Dwelling 18/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 244KB) Elevations(PDF, 516KB) Approved
DA-41-2023 Integrity New Homes Armidale 841 Thunderbolts Way, Rocky River Dual Occupancy 17/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 12MB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-40-2023 Mrs J McNally 376 Balala Road, Balala Home Business - Food Preparation Area & Store Room within Existing Shed 13/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 464KB) N/A Approved
DA-39-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 2 Uralla Street North, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision 7/7/2023 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 3MB) N/A Approved
DA-38-2023 Mr N Brown 1073 Bundarra Road, Invergowrie Shed including demolition of existing Shed 3/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 255KB) Elevations(PDF, 295KB) Approved
DA-37-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 38 East Street, Uralla Shed 3/7/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 63KB) Elevations(PDF, 112KB) Approved
DA-36-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 2826 Kingstown Road, Kingstown Dual Occupancy & Creek Crossing 28/6/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 200KB) Elevations(PDF, 851KB) Approved
DA-35-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 4A Gostwyck Street, Uralla Dwelling 27/6/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 969KB) Elevations(PDF, 353KB) Approved
DA-34-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 91 Mihi Road, Mihi Dual Occupancy 22/6/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 335KB) Approved
DA-33-2023 Austam Homes 136 Gwydir Park Road, Torryburn Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 14/6/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 75KB) Elevations(PDF, 92KB) Approved
DA-32-2023 Ms J Mills Lot 5, 189 Balala Road, Balala Garage with Carport 2/6/2023 Site Plans(PDF, 200KB) Elevations(PDF, 114KB) Approved
DA-31-2023 Uralla Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd 52 Hill Street, Uralla LED Sign 24/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 443KB) Elevation(PDF, 165KB) Approved
DA-30-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 384 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Two Satellite Dishes and Associated Infrastructure 19/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 795KB) Elevations(PDF, 699KB) Approved
DA-29-2023 Uniplan Group Armidale 75 Goodes Road, Rocky River Dual Occupancy - Manufactured Home 12/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 352KB) Elevations(PDF, 230KB) Approved
DA-28-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 192 Dumaresq Road, Saumarez Ponds Dual Occupancy and Shed Dwelling Decommissioned 11/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 602KB) Elevations(PDF, 163KB) Approved
DA-27-2023 Mrs D Cetera 24 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Dwelling, Shipping Container & Demolition of Existing Studio 11/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 325KB) Elevations(PDF, 176KB) Approved
DA-26-2023 Mr J Kliendienst 4 Wilkens Street, Uralla Shed 18/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 606KB) Elevations(PDF, 107KB) Approved
DA-25-2023 Mr J Clarke 72 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds Dwelling Additions - Covered Deck 18/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 494KB) Elevations(PDF, 412KB) Approved
DA-24-2023 Precise Planning  9 Baker Street, Bundarra Manufactured Home 14/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 377KB) Elevations(PDF, 974KB) Approved
DA-23-2023 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 95 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling & Shed 13/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 348KB) Elevations(PDF, 624KB) Approved
DA-22-2023 Perry Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd 4 Roman Street, Uralla Dual Occupancy 11/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 150KB) Approved
DA-21-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions    6 Vincent Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions - Deck & Carport & Change of Use - Garage to Living Room 4/4/2023 Site Plans(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 898KB) Approved
DA-20-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   3481 Thunderbolts Way, Salisbury Plains Dwelling, Shed & Tank 3/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 3MB) Elevations(PDF, 405KB) Approved
DA-19-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   64 Maitland Street, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision 10/3/2023 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 825KB) N/A Approved
DA-18-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 23 Bendemeer Street, Bundarra Installation of Two 4,500 Litre Fuel Storage Tanks 10/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 527KB) Elevations(PDF, 777KB) Approved
DA-17-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   Lot 11, 189 Balala Road, Balala Dwelling Alterations & Additions 10/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 386KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-16-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 171 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie  Alterations & Additions to Commercial Development - Kitchen Extension 7/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 591KB) Approved
DA-15-2023 Mr D Bower 44 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Dweling 3/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 920KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-14-2023 Mr T St Clair 5 Faulkner Street, Uralla Change of Use - Dwelling Alterations - Convert Sunroom to Walk-in Wardrobe & Ensuite, Enclose Carport & New Garage 3/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 734KB) Approved
DA-13-2023 Croft Surveying & Mapping 26 Hill Street, 18 Hill Street, 29 Maitland Street, Uralla Boundary Adjustment - 4 Lots into 4 Lots  27/2/2023 Plan of Boundary Adjustment (PDF, 902KB) N/A Approved
DA-12-2023 Ms M McKenna 23 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Dwelling & Shed 27/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 473KB) Approved
DA-11-2023 Mr B Westaway 10 Lighthorse Parade, Invergowrie Shed with Carport 17/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 818KB) Elevations(PDF, 111KB) Approved
DA-10-2023 Mr T Harris-Steel 48 Queen Street, Uralla Double Carport & Covered Deck on Existing Piers 8/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 588KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-9-2023 Mr T Davies 109 Leece Road, Uralla Shipping Container for Dog Grooming Business 1/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 134KB) Elevations(PDF, 183KB) Approved
DA-8-2023 Duff Constructions 1401 Bundarra Road, Invergowrie Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pool 31/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Pool Elevations(PDF, 137KB) Approved
DA-7-2023 Miss P Matthews Shop 1, 51 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use - Food and Drink Premises 31/1/2023 Internal Layout(PDF, 46KB) Signage(PDF, 527KB) Approved
DA-6-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   Lot 35 Hill Street, Uralla Demolition of Existing Office Building 30/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 229KB) N/A Approved
DA-5-2023 Buildcert Planning 6 Wilkens Street, Uralla Dwelling 12/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 291KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-4-2023 Mr D Carlon 1033 Kingstown Road, Balala Expand Size & Increase Production of Existing Quarry 12/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 622KB) Environmental Impact Statement(PDF, 103MB) Approved
DA-3-2023 Mr N Waters 183 Linfield Road, Mihi Shed 10/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 4MB) Elevations(PDF, 79KB) Approved
DA-2-2023 New England Sheds 164 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Dual Occupancy Dwelling/Shed 11/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 969KB) Elevations(PDF, 173KB) Approved
DA-1-2023 Mr D Weiley 28 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Shed 10/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 359KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-75-2022 New England Surveying & Engineering 296 Noalimba Avenue, Kentucky South Subdivision of 4 Lots into 2 Lots 16/12/2022 Plan of Consolidation(PDF, 64KB) N/A Approved
DA-74-2022 Mr J George 691 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Installation of Relocated Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 15/12/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 59KB) Elevations(PDF, 288KB) Approved
DA-73-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 343 Rocky River Road, Rocky River Shed 13/12/2022 Being updated Elevations(PDF, 184KB) Approved
DA-17-2022-2 RuralPlan Consultants 365 Mount Butler Road, Arding Dwelling 13/12/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 137KB) Elevations(PDF, 103KB) Approved
DA-72-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 189 Everton Vale Road, Rocky River Dwelling 6/12/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 989KB) Approved
DA-71-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 29 Maitland Street, Uralla Shed 30/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 413KB) Elevations(PDF, 115KB) Approved
DA-70-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 20 Queen Street, Uralla Eight Lot Strata Subdivision 30/11/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-69-2022 Mr P Strelitz 31 Bridge Street, Uralla 39.5kW Solar Panel Installation 22/11/2022 Solar Panel Layout(PDF, 216KB) N/A Approved
DA-68-2022 Mr J Ho, Natural Matters Design 20 Faulkner Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions 18/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 193KB) Approved
DA-67-2022 Mr R Westley, Integrity New Homes 8 Wilkens Street, Uralla Dwelling 18/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 138KB) Elevations(PDF, 850KB) Approved
DA-66-2022 Mr S Flannery 1171 Bundarra Road & 40 Barloo Road, Invergowrie Subdivision of 2 Lots into 3 Lots 9/11/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 171KB) N/A Approved
DA-65-2022 Fernleigh Drafting 24 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy 7/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 321KB) Elevations(PDF, 175KB) Approved
DA-64-2022 Mr C Madden 15 Plane Avenue, Uralla Garage & Carport 4/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 270KB) Elevations(PDF, 506KB) Approved
DA-63-2022 Ms J Hadler 87 Dumaresq Road, Saumarez Ponds Dual Occupancy 2/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 181KB) Elevations(PDF, 198KB) Approved
DA-62-2022 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 15 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky Manufactured Home 2/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 107KB) Elevations(PDF, 363KB) Approved
DA-61-2022 More Than Garages Pty Ltd 50 Hill Street, Uralla Garage 28/10/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 543KB) Elevations(PDF, 247KB) Approved
DA-60-2022 SAE Design 50 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions and Detached Garage 19/10/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 110KB) Elevations(PDF, 838KB) Approved
DA-59-2022 Croft Surveying & Mapping 340 Kingstown Road, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 12/10/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 3MB) N/A Approved
DA-58-2022 Wakefield Planning 2344 Bundarra Road, Yarrowyck Subdivision of 5 Lots into 2 Lots 11/10/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 214KB) N/A Approved
DA-57-2022 Mr N Frazier 56 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Change of Use - Car Sales Yard 3/10/2022 N/A N/A Approved
DA-56-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 132 Bridge Street, Uralla Carport & Extension to Existing Shed 7/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 370KB) Elevations(PDF, 639KB) Approved
DA-55-2022 Mr W Sellings 119 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Retaining Walls 21/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 159KB) Elevations(PDF, 169KB) Approved
DA-54-2022 Mr N Frazier 56 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Demolish Existing Dwelling & Sheds 21/9/2022 N/A N/A Approved
DA-53-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 66 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Shed with Bathroom  20/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 761KB) Elevations(PDF, 57KB) Approved
DA-52-2022 Mr C Mortell 23 East Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision with Clause 4.6 Variation 19/9/2022 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 635KB) N/A Approved
DA-51-2022 Mrs D Fitzgerald 54 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie American Style Barn 12/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 288KB) Elevations(PDF, 117KB) Approved
DA-24-2022-2 Austam Homes 828 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Install Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy - Modification 7/9/2022 Updated Site Plan(PDF, 80KB) Elevations(PDF, 81KB) Approved
DA-50-2022 New England Sheds 47 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Shed 7/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 552KB) Elevations(PDF, 137KB) Approved 
DA-49-2022 Mrs A Simmons 915 Bindawalla Road, Abington Farm Shed 6/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 322KB) Elevations(PDF, 84KB) Approved
DA-48-2022 Envirotecture Projects Pty Ltd 2112 Kingstown Road, Balala (421 Lindon Road) Dwelling with attached Carport 29/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-47-2022 RuralPlan Consultants 190 Retreat Road, Balala Semi-Above Ground Pool 24/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 405KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-46-2022 Mr C Ritchie 55 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Shed 24/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 184KB) Elevations(PDF, 185KB) Approved
DA-45-2022 Mr W Sellings 11 Pomona Road, Uralla Demolish Dilapidated Dwelling & Construct Shed 22/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 158KB) Elevations(PDF, 113KB) Approved
DA-44-2022 Natural Matters Design 71 Bilga Road, Invergowrie Studio 22/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 255KB) Approved
DA-43-2022 Mr D Wright 9 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky Shed 19/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 148KB) Elevations(PDF, 176KB) Approved
DA-42-2022 Mr N Bell 53 Amaroo Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy 15/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 427KB) Elevations(PDF, 120KB) Approved
DA-41-2022 Mr P Strelitz 863 Kingstown Road, Balala Gravel Pit 9/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 6MB) N/A Approved
DA-40-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 1009 Bundarra Road, Invergowrie Shed and Coffee Roasting Business 27/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 424KB) Elevations(PDF, 143KB) Approved
DA-39-2022 Mr C Ritchie 55 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Dwelling with attached Garage 15/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 525KB) Elevations(PDF, 525KB) Approved
DA-38-2022 Mrs S Clark 31 Fitzroy Street, Uralla Dwelling 15/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 783KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-37-2022 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 44 Pomona Road, Uralla Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 6/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 483KB) Approved 
DA-36-2022 Uralla Showground Land Manager 8A King Street, Uralla Replace Amenities Building 4/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 312KB) Elevations(PDF, 134KB) Approved
DA-35-2022 Alcorn Planning & Property 125 Bridge Street, Uralla Portal Framed Roof Structure 7/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 137KB) Elevations(PDF, 704KB) Approved
DA-34-2022  Rural Plan Consultants 413 Thunderbolts Way, Rocky River Dwelling & Shed 16/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 86KB) Elevations(PDF, 276KB) Approved
DA-33-2022  Austam Homes 1516 Torryburn Road, Torryburn Dual Occupancy - Rural Workers Manufactured Dwelling 10/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 88KB) Elevations(PDF, 262KB) Approved
DA-32-2022 Studio Two Architecture 13 Bridge Street, Uralla Roofed Deck, Demolition of Existing Carport & Driveway, New Carport & Driveway including Vehicle Turntable 10/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-31-2022 Mrs L Telfer 357 Rocky River Road, Rocky River Dwelling Alterations & Additions including Demolition of Existing Kitchen 10/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 323KB) Elevations(PDF, 228KB) Approved
DA-30-2022 Miss C Smith 17 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Shed 9/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 231KB) Approved
DA-29-2022 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 132 Bridge Street, Uralla Commercial Extension & Carport 9/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 319KB) Elevations(PDF, 639KB) Withdrawn
DA-28-2022 Ms K Ritter 27 Dumaresq Street, Uralla Detached Shed with Bathroom 7/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 189KB) Elevations(PDF, 149KB) Approved
DA-27-2022 Rossbuild Constructions 30 Hariet Gully Road, Kellys Plains Staged Dwelling Alterations & Additions 16/5/2022 Site Plan & Elevations(PDF, 205KB) N/A Approved
DA-26-2022 New England Sheds 15 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky Shed 16/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 579KB) Elevations(PDF, 627KB) Approved
DA-25-2022 Mr C Clonan 70 Wattle Drive, Saumarez Hay Storage Shed 13/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations Approved
DA-24-2022 Austam Homes 828 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Install Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 13/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 80KB) Elevations(PDF, 128KB) Approved
DA-23-2022 G J Gardner Homes 2 Somerset Close, Uralla Shed with Bathroom 12/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 522KB) Elevations(PDF, 174KB) Approved
DA-22-2022 Mr W Sellings 119 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling and Shed 5/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 616KB) Elevations(PDF, 965KB) Approved
DA-21-2022 Mrs E Green 60 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Shed 22/4/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 582KB) Elevations(PDF, 150KB) Approved
DA-20-2022 Ms N Kathrada 49 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy 22/4/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 624KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved 
DA-19-2022 Austam Homes 639 Torryburn Road, Yarrowyck Dwelling (Manufactured Home) 23/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 81KB) Elevations(PDF, 108KB) Approved
DA-18-2022 Austam Homes 51 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Dwelling (Manufactured Home) 23/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 76KB) Elevations(PDF, 118KB) Approved
DA-17-2022 RuralPlan Consultants 365 Mount Butler Road, Arding Dwelling 22/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 156KB) Elevations(PDF, 807KB) Approved
DA-16-2022 Perry Homes Australia 4 Wilkens Street, Uralla Dwelling 1/4/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 259KB) Elevations(PDF, 404KB) Approved
DA-15-2022 Rossbuild Constructions 103 Tulong Road, Saumarez Ponds Shed 28/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 496KB) Elevations(PDF, 620KB) Approved
DA-14-2022 Rossbuild Constructions 51 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Shed 28/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 587KB) Elevations(PDF, 48KB) Approved
DA-13-2022 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 37A Park Street, Uralla Storage Shed 10/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 12MB) Elevations(PDF, 9MB) Approved
DA-12-2022 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 22 Oliver Street, Bundarra Dwelling 9/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 582KB) Elevations(PDF, 934KB) Approved
DA-11-2022 Mr J Caldwell 17 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie Dwelling 3/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 247KB) Elevations(PDF, 439KB) Withdrawn
DA-10-2022 Mr H Carlon 8 Faulkner Street, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision 28/2/2022 Proposed Subdivision Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-9-2022 Armidale New England Building Design 5A Plane Avenue, Uralla Dual Occupancy 25/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 848KB) Elevations(PDF, 392KB) Approved
DA-8-2022 Phoenix Foundry 44 Duke Street, Uralla Storage Shed 18/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 81KB) Elevations(PDF, 110KB) Approved
DA-7-2022 Local Government Engineering Services Pty Ltd 1 Bombelli Street, Bundarra Demolish Existing & Construct Pavilion (Dining Hall, Kitchen & Bar) 17/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 3MB) Elevations(PDF, 735KB) Approved
DA-6-2022 Mrs J Ayre 50 Duke Street, Uralla Self Storage Units 31/1/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 528KB) Elevations(PDF, 974KB) Approved 
DA-5-2022 Great Value Garages 4276 Kingstown Road, Kingstown Shed 9/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 184KB) Elevations(PDF, 151KB) Approved
DA-4-2022 Mrs R Knight 59 Pinegrove Road, Saumarez Ponds Horse Stables 31/1/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 111KB) Elevations(PDF, 858KB) Approved
DA-3-2022 Croft Surveying & Mapping 10-12 Fitzroy Street Uralla Subdivision of 4 Lots into 6 Lots - Stages 31/1/2022 Proposed Subdivision Plan(PDF, 2MB)  N/A Approved
DA-2-2022 Austam Homes 8A White Street, Bundarra Dwelling with Verandahs 1/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 77KB) Elevations(PDF, 127KB) Approved 
DA-1-2022 Mr M Doran 20A East Street, Uralla Dwelling with attached Garage 25/01/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 823KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-77-2021 Mr W Sellings 33 Plane Avenue, Uralla Greenkeeper's Shed Addition 23/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 356KB) Elevations(PDF, 150KB) Approved
DA-76-2021 Mr W Sellings 37 Wallinga Road, Invergowrie Shed 20/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 152KB) Elevations(PDF, 68KB) Approved
DA-75-2021 Abode Building Design 8 White Street, Bundarra Shed with Bathroom & Rainwater Tank 20/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 95KB) Elevations(PDF, 301KB) Approved
DA-74-2021 Mr W Sellings 99 Bridge Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 15/12/2021 Proposed Subdivision(PDF, 171KB)  N/A Approved
DA-73-2021 Mr W Sellings 384 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Shed 13/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 192KB) Elevations(PDF, 275KB) Approved
DA-72-2021 Mr W Sellings 175 Ferris Lane, Saumarez Ponds Dwelling Alterations & Additions 13/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 913KB) Elevations(PDF, 870KB) Approved
DA-71-2021 SMK Consultants 1831 Torryburn Road, Torryburn Feedlot Expansion 9/12/2021 Site Plans(PDF, 18MB) N/A Approved
DA-70-2021 RuralPlan Consultants 9 Oliver Street, Bundarra Demolition of Existing Dwelling/Shed & Manufactured Building to be Converted to a Dwelling 3/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 272KB) Elevations(PDF, 502KB) Approved
DA-69-2021 Mr W Sellings 201 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Shed on Existing Slab 30/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 152KB) Elevations(PDF, 110KB) Approved
DA-68-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping Elliotts Road, Dangarsleigh Boundary Adjustment - 2 Lots into 2 Lots Subdivision 12/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 150KB) N/A Approved
DA-67-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 31 & 39 Maitland Street, Uralla Boundary Adjustment - 2 Lots into 2 Lots Subdivision 12/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
DA-66-2021 SAE Design 99 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Sunroom Addition, New Garage, Workshop & Carport with attached Guest Suite 5/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 250KB)  Elevations(PDF, 662KB) Approved
DA-65-2021 Picton Bros Spanline 1 Dumaresq Street, Uralla Double Carport 8/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 281KB) Elevations(PDF, 292KB) Approved
DA-64-2021 Mr W Sellings 167 Mount Mitchell Road, Invergowrie Shed 28/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 179KB) Elevations(PDF, 184KB) Approved
DA-63-2021 Pioneer Homes 36 Dumaresq Street, Uralla Dwelling & Detached Shed 28/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 486KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-62-2021 Mr T Yeomans 670 Hawthorne Drive, Arding Orchard Hail Protection Structure 21/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 148KB) N/A Approved
DA-61-2021 ADOBE Building Design 1039 Barraba Road, Bundarra Dual Occupancy - Dwelling in Shed with attached Carport 13/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 646KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-60-2021 Mr C M Abel 218 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Dwelling 14/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 329KB) Elevations(PDF, 278KB) Approved
DA-59-2021 Tekton Building Group 38 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling 5/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 241KB) Elevations(PDF, 308KB) Approved
DA-58-2021 Mr W Sellings 39 Maitland Street, Uralla Shed including Shower, Toilet & Wash Basin 30/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 173KB) Elevations(PDF, 246KB) Approved
DA-57-2021 Mr W Sellings 9541 New England Highway, Arding Dual Occupancy 09/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 693KB) Elevations(PDF, 1000KB) Approved
DA-56-2021 Mr K Dixon 6 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds Demolish Existing Shed & Construct New Shed  21/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 141KB) Approved
DA-55-2021 Miss S Maxwell 151 Kalinda Road, Invergowrie Dwelling with attached Two Bay Carport, Earthworks & Shed 08/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 386KB) Dwelling Elevations(PDF, 337KB) & Shed Elevations(PDF, 65KB) Approved
DA-54-2021 RuralPlan Consultants 38 Bridge Street, Uralla Alterations and Additions to Existing Retail Premises (Uralla Wool Room)  24/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 477KB) Elevations(PDF, 383KB) Approved
DA-53-2021 Mr W Sellings 61 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Shed & Change of Use - Used Car Sales Yard including Signage 23/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 322KB) Shed Elevations(PDF, 133KB) & Signage(PDF, 116KB) Approved
DA-52-2021 Ms J Hicks 164 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use - Take-Away Food & Drink Shop & Signage 19/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 421KB) N/A Approved
DA-51-2021 Ms L McLane 10 Depot Road, Uralla Dwelling 18/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 59KB) Elevations(PDF, 85KB) Approved
DA-50-2021 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 5B Plane Avenue, Uralla Installation of Manufactured Home with Attached Carport 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 266KB) Elevations(PDF, 667KB) Approved
DA-49-2021 Ms S Watson 91 Bendemeer Road, Kingstown New Dwelling & Existing Dwelling Converted to Storage 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 87KB) Elevations(PDF, 83KB) Approved
DA-48-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 114 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Subdivision of 1 Lot into 2 Lots 17/08/2021 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 3MB) N/A Approved
DA-47-2021 Mr A & Mrs K South 50 Haynes Lane, Kentucky Dwelling Alterations & Additions 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 854KB) Elevations(PDF, 854KB) Approved
DA-46-2021 Mr A & Mrs K Styles 26 Hill Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-45-2021 Mr L & Mrs C Frazier 33 Bridge Street, Uralla Signage & Change of Use - Hairdressing Salon 16/08/2021 Signage(PDF, 546KB) N/A Approved
DA-44-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 140 Bridge Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 12/08/2021 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
DA-43-2021 Mr A Van den Hoogen 24 McDonalds Lane, Rocky River Wind Turbine 11/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 109KB) Elevations & Wind Turbine(PDF, 400KB) Withdrawn by Applicant
DA-42-2021 Mr C Stace 39 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds Shed 5/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 145KB) Elevations(PDF, 119KB) Approved
DA-41-2021 Mr D Hosking 1 Bombelli Street, Bundarra Horse Stable Complex 28/07/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 593KB) No Elevations Available Approved
DA-40-2021 Mr W Sellings 8A King Street, Uralla Free Standing Shade/Weather Awning 20/07/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 150KB) Elevations(PDF, 128KB) Approved
DA-39-2021 Mr M Ayre 36 East Street, Uralla Shed 30/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 439KB) Elevations(PDF, 112KB) Approved


Mr W Sellings

26 Maitland Street, Uralla

Carport & Relocated Shed


Site Plan(PDF, 176KB)

Elevations(PDF, 359KB)


Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 39A Uralla Street North, Uralla
Installation of Manufactured Dwelling & Two Bay Shed
30/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 136KB) Elevations Dwelling(PDF, 256KB)
Elevations Shed(PDF, 222KB)
DA-36-2021 Mr D Walters
38 Barleyfields Road, Uralla
23/06/2021 N/A N/A Approved
Rossbuild Constructions Pty Ltd
3 McMahon Street, Uralla
Carport 11/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 173KB)
Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
Mr C Hamilton 6 Hill Street, Uralla
Demolition of Existing Shed, New Shed with Toilet & Handbasin
9/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 220KB) Elevations(PDF, 130KB) Approved
DA-33-2021 Mr H Carlon
8 Faulkner Street, Uralla
Demolition of Existing Dwelling
31/05/2021 N/A N/A Approved
Mr B Cowling 418 Mihi Road, Mihi
Garage 26/05/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 623KB) Elevations(PDF, 42KB) Approved
Uralla Showground Land Manager
8A King Street, Uralla
Primitive Camping, Disabled Toilet & Shower, and Dump Site
7/05/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 818KB) Elevations(PDF, 201KB) Approved
Ms B Banister
73 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds
Cabana 5/05/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 914KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
Ms A Wolfenden 87 Devoncourt Road, Uralla Carport 28/04/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 40KB) Elevations(PDF, 94KB) Approved
Croft Surveying & Mapping Lot 156 DP 753668 & Lot 171 DP 705178 Gwydir River Road, Torryburn Boundary Adjustment – Subdivision of 2 Lots into 2 Lots 23/04/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 4MB) N/A Approved
DA-27-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping
31 & 39 Maitland Street, Uralla
Subdivision of 2 Lots into 3 Lots
22/04/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
Mr B Westaway
10 Lighthorse Parade, Invergowrie
Shed 22/04/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 529KB) Elevations(PDF, 108KB) Approved
DA-25-2021 Ms C Ball 36 Bridge Street, Uralla
Ensuite Addition to Existing Dwelling
21/04/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 523KB) Elevations(PDF, 408KB) Approved
DA-24-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 41 & 55 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla
Staged 2 Lots into 4 Lots Subdivision 30/03/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
Mrs T Macpherson
103 Rowan Avenue, Uralla
Change of Use – Storage Facility to Transport Depot
25/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 68KB) N/A Approved
Uniplan Group Pty Ltd
40 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Installation of Manufactured Home 16/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 256KB) Elevations(PDF, 372KB) Approved
Mr S & Mrs M Green 592 Balala Road, Balala Shed 11/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 115KB) Elevations(PDF, 127KB) Approved
DA-20-2021 Brown & Krippner Pty Ltd 2592 Bundarra Road, Yarrowyck Consolidation of 6 Lots into 2 Lots
5/03/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 6MB) N/A Approved
Ms S Egan, Picton Bros
Unit 3, 1-5 Dumaresq Street, Uralla
Carport 4/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 61KB) Elevations(PDF, 66KB) Approved
DA-18-2021 Uralla Bowling and Recreation Club Ltd
52 Hill Street, Uralla
Installation of Flood Lights 4/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
Ms N Turner 25 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky South
Shed Modification 4/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 105KB) Approved
Mr P Byrne
115 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River
Skillion Roof Addition to Existing Shed
3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 126KB) Elevations(PDF, 52KB) Approved
Mr M Patchett & Ms S Armstead 369 Kentucky Road, Kentucky
Dwelling Alterations and Additions including Verandah
3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 238KB) Elevations(PDF, 95KB) Approved
DA-15-2021 MM Building Design 3500 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Dwelling 3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 297KB) Elevations(PDF, 801KB) Approved
DA-14-2021 Mr S Cobley 29 Plane Avenue, Uralla Verandah Extension 3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 167KB) Elevations(PDF, 334KB) Approved
Mr C Madden & Ms E Phillips
37 Panhandle Road, Uralla Building Envelope Variation & Dual Occupancy – Dwelling & Conversion of Machinery Shed to Dwelling 23/02/2021 Site Plan - Dwelling and Shed(PDF, 383KB)

Elevations Dwelling(PDF, 782KB)

Elevations Shed(PDF, 500KB)

Croft Surveying & Mapping
3862 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision
19/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
Mr G & Mrs E Davison
6 Depot Road, Uralla
Shed 18/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 249KB) Elevations(PDF, 104KB) Approved
Mr J & Mrs L Schalk
2 Depot Road, Uralla
Carport & Addition to Existing Shed
18/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 174KB) Elevations(PDF, 289KB) Approved
Mr S & Mrs J Field 25 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Shed Addition to Existing Office 12/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 318KB) Elevations(PDF, 302KB) Approved
DA-8-2021 Medam Holdings Pty Ltd 152 Staces Road, Uralla Construction & Operation of a 4.95 MW AC Solar Farm & Associated Works 5/02/2021

Site Plan(PDF, 12MB)

Layout Plan(PDF, 191KB)

Statement of Environmental Effects(PDF, 30MB)
Alcorn Planning & Property Lot 36 Warrane Road, Boorolong Replace Rural Workers Dwelling & New Shed 4/2/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 928KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
Mr T Jacobs 1A Plane Avenue, Uralla Shed 2/2/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 376KB) Elevations(PDF, 601KB) Approved
Mr B Faulkner
8 Depot Road, Uralla
Dwelling 28/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 65KB) Elevations(PDF, 112KB) Approved
Mr D & Mrs J Ayre
26 Duke Street, Uralla
Dwelling Additions including attached Garage
25/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 346KB) Elevations(PDF, 373KB) Approved
Glenn Hinds Design
150 Glenroy Road, Kentucky South
Dual Occupancy
15/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 325KB) Elevations(PDF, 294KB) Approved
Mr F & Mrs K Widdison 34 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie Internal Dwelling Alterations – Bedroom & Ensuite
14/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 204KB) N/A Approved
DA-1-2021 Armidale New England Building Design 8 Hunter Place, Uralla 4 Unit Residential Development 11/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 550KB) Elevations(PDF, 710KB) Approved
Mr P Keelan 9 Baker Road, Invergowrie Bathroom Renovation & Mudroom 18/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 612KB) Elevations(PDF, 96KB) Approved
Mr C Hull 51 John Street, Uralla Dwelling, Garage and Strata Subdivision 18/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 631KB) Elevations(PDF, 573KB) Approved
DA-54-2020 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 105 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds Dual Occupancy 11/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 397KB) Elevations(PDF, 597KB) Approved
Ms N Turner 25 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky South Shed 9/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 234KB) Elevations(PDF, 106KB) Approved
DA-52-2020 Mr D Wooster 9 Oliver Street, Bundarra Shed 7/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 544KB) Elevations(PDF, 264KB) Approved
Mr C & Mrs A Smith 96 Green Gully Road, Uralla Dwelling & Shed 1/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 505KB) Approved
DA-50-2020 Ms B Banister 73 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds Conversion of Shed to Games Room 1/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 892KB) Elevations(PDF, 624KB) Approved
DA-49-2020 Mr R & Mrs D Newman 308 Wollun Road, Wollun Dual Occupancy 30/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 281KB) Approved
DA-48-2020 Mr J Clark & Ms S Doran 29 Fitzroy Street, Uralla Dwelling 24/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 240KB) Elevations(PDF, 311KB) Approved
Mr R Munsie 668 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Machinery & Fodder Shed 13/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 136KB) Elevations(PDF, 147KB) Approved
DA-46-2020 Mr D & Mrs S Garrahy 216 Green Gully Road, Uralla Farm Shed 5/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 160KB) Elevations(PDF, 429KB) Approved
Mr D Adams 313 Gostwyck Road, Uralla Quarry 4/11/2020 SEE(PDF, 832KB) N/A Approved
Mr T Jacobs 218 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Shed 23/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 374KB) Elevations(PDF, 132KB) Approved
Mr K & Mrs S Wotton 11 Court Street, Uralla Change of Use – Conversion of Shed to Dwelling 22/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 208KB) Elevations(PDF, 367KB) Refused
Croft Surveying & Mapping
Lot 126 Baldersleigh Road, Bundarra & Lot 61 915 Bindawalla Road, Abington
Boundary Adjustment between Lot 126 DP726334 and Lot 61 DP753635
16/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
DA-41-2020 Mrs T Toomey 130 Gostwyck Road, Uralla Change of Use – Home Business (Food Manufacture) 13/10/2020 N/A N/A Approved
Mr A Parker
9 King Street, Uralla Studio Extension 9/10/2020
Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 237KB) Approved
DA-39-2020 Mr M Grills
2 Cluan Avenue, Uralla Shed 9/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 129KB) Elevations(PDF, 203KB) Approved
Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 133 Bilga Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy & Shed 8/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 321KB) Elevations(PDF, 871KB) Approved
DA-37-2020 Ms N Butterfield 14 Duke Street, Uralla
Home Business – Manufacture of Food 14/09/2020 N/A N/A Approved
DA-36-2020 Mr W Sellings 3 Uralla Street North, Uralla
Demolition of Dwelling & Sheds 30/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 170KB) N/A Approved
DA-35-2020 Mr J Barraclough 60 Maitland Street, Uralla Extension to Existing Shed 30/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 171KB) Elevations(PDF, 280KB) Approved
DA-34-2020 Ms T Gallop 51 Duke Street, Uralla Dwelling 24/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 60KB) Elevations(PDF, 123KB) Approved
Toby Smith Building Pty Ltd 3 Somerset Close, Uralla
Dwelling & Detached Shed 16/09/2020
Site Plan(PDF, 155KB) Elevations(PDF, 224KB) Approved
Brown & Krippner Pty Ltd
4 Roman Street, Uralla
2 Lot Subdivision
Plan of Proposed Subdivision(PDF, 415KB)
N/A Approved
Ms T Farrugia
18 Burnett Street, Bundarra Change of Use from Shed to Bus Depot
2/09/2020 Site Plan update requested
N/A Approved
Mr P & Mrs P Cooper 16 King Street, Uralla Replacement Garage & Water Tank 1/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 172KB) Elevations(PDF, 123KB) Approved
Mr L Frazier & Ms C Baldwin
4 Munsies Road, Uralla
Dual Occupancy
Site Plan(PDF, 2MB)
Elevations(PDF, 2MB)
DA-28-2020 Miss J Bird
49 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use – Barber Shop 24/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 277KB) N/A
Mr E Calliess & Ms A Walsh 47 Queen Street, Uralla Four Bay Shed with Bathroom 19/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 167KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-26-2020 Mr T Coggan & Mr J Flemming
44 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Installation of Relocated Manufactured Home 18/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 73KB) Elevations(PDF, 93KB) Approved
DA-25-2020 Mr R Thackway 132 Bridge Street, Uralla Shipping Container 17/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 164KB) Elevations(PDF, 142KB) Approved
DA-24-2020 AC & LM McFarlane 28 East Street, Uralla Garage with Toilet 31/07/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 84KB) Elevations(PDF, 98KB) Approved
DA-23-2020 Mr W Sellings 16 King Street, Uralla Demolition of Garage & Shed 22/07/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 173KB) N/A Approved
Uralla Rugby League Football Club 1 Gostwyck Street, Uralla Detached Unisex Accessible Amenities Block & Upgrade Existing Building including Kitchen, Roof & Floor 22/07/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 445KB) Elevations(PDF, 86KB) Approved
DA-21-2020 Mr K Mayo 26 Maitland Street, Uralla Bed & Breakfast & Caretaker Flat Upgrade 26/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-20-2020 New England Sheds 178 Thunderbolts Way, Rocky River Shed 24/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 4MB) Layout & Elevations(PDF, 38KB) Approved
DA-19-2020 Mr N & Mrs T Cullen Lot 542 Leece Road, Uralla Dwelling 18/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 128KB)
Dwelling Elevations(PDF, 149KB) Approved
DA-18-2020 Mr B & Mrs S Jex 15 Lighthorse Parade, Invergowrie Dwelling & Shed 18/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 634KB)

Dwelling Elevations(PDF, 524KB)
Shed Elevations(PDF, 103KB)

DA-17-2020 New England Sheds 364 Kentucky Road, Kentucky Shed 11/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 229KB) Elevations(PDF, 237KB) Approved
DA-16-2020 Mr J George & Ms D Board & Ms B Banister
691 Bundarra Road & 73 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds
Subdivision of 2 Lots into 2 Lots (Boundary Adjustment)
Proposed Boundary Adjustment(PDF, 43KB) Approved
Bundarra Central School
7 Bowline Street, Bundarra
Digital LED Sign
Site Plan(PDF, 192KB) Sign(PDF, 438KB) Approved
Mr B Faulkner
8 Depot Road, Uralla
Shed 22/05/2020 Site & Stormwater Plan(PDF, 28KB)
Elevations(PDF, 103KB) Approved
DA-13-2020 Mr R O'Halloran 17 Kliendienst Road, Uralla Shed 14/05/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 347KB) Elevations(PDF, 351KB) Withdrawn



56 Kalinowski Lane, Rocky River

Decommissioning Existing Dwelling & New Dwelling


Site Plan(PDF, 28KB)

Elevations(PDF, 65KB)



Mr D & Mrs Y Maxwell

62 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds

Dwelling Alterations & Additions


Site Plan(PDF, 786KB)

Elevations(PDF, 2MB)



Mr J & Mrs K Schultz

117 Kalinda Road, Invergowrie

Change of Use – Conversion of Shed to Dwelling – Dual Occupancy


Site Plan(PDF, 192KB)



Mr I & Mrs K Taylor

44 Budumba Road, Invergowrie

Pre-fabricated Concrete Swimming Pool & Deck Extension


Site Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Elevations(PDF, 206KB)



Mr C Hull

51 John Street, Uralla

Dwelling & Garage and Strata Subdivision


Site Plan(PDF, 648KB)

Elevations(PDF, 572KB)

Awaiting Applicant


Murall Pty Ltd

100 Bridge Street, Uralla

Additions & Alterations to Supermarket, New Carpark, Demolition of Existing Structures


Site Plan(PDF, 752KB)

Elevations(PDF, 2MB)



Mr D Brown

7 Plane Avenue, Uralla

8 Unit Development


Site Plan & Street Elevation(PDF, 8MB)

Unit Type A Elevations(PDF, 8MB)

Unit Type B Elevations(PDF, 8MB)

DA-47-2018 MJ 7 JE Croft 49 Marble Hill Road Saumarez Ponds  Modification to Subdivision 18/12/2018  Site Plan    Approved


Mr K Hartley – Starfish Enterprises Network Ltd

192 Dumaresq Road, Saumarez Ponds

Natural Burial Ground – Private Cemetery & Shed


Site Plan(PDF, 408KB)

Shed Elevations(PDF, 117KB)