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As of the 1st of January 2020, all of Council’s current Development Applications are available to view online through the NSW Planning Portal.

Visit the NSW Planning Portal website to use their Application Tracker for applications and assessments in the Uralla Shire.

Current Applications

Current Development Applications

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DA-31-2023 Uralla Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd 52 Hill Street, Uralla LED Sign 24/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 443KB) Elevation(PDF, 165KB) Under Notification
DA-30-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 384 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Two Satellite Dishes and Associated Infrastructure 19/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 795KB) Elevations(PDF, 699KB) Under Notification
DA-29-2023 Uniplan Group Armidale 75 Goodes Road, Rocky River Dual Occupancy - Manufactured Home 12/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 352KB) Elevations(PDF, 230KB) Under Notification
DA-28-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 192 Dumaresq Road, Saumarez Ponds Dual Occupancy and Shed Dwelling Decommissioned 11/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 602KB) Elevations(PDF, 163KB) Under Notification
DA-27-2023 Mrs D Cetera 24 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Dwelling, Shipping Container & Demolition of Existing Studio 11/5/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 325KB) Elevations(PDF, 176KB) Approved
DA-26-2023 Mr J Kliendienst 4 Wilkens Street, Uralla Shed 18/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 606KB) Elevations(PDF, 107KB) Approved
DA-25-2023 Mr J Clarke 72 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds Dwelling Additions - Covered Deck 18/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 494KB) Elevations(PDF, 412KB) Under Assessment
DA-24-2023 Precise Planning  9 Baker Street, Bundarra Manufactured Home 14/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 377KB) Elevations(PDF, 974KB) Approved
DA-23-2023 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 95 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling & Shed 13/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 348KB) Elevations(PDF, 624KB) Approved
DA-22-2023 Perry Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd 4 Roman Street, Uralla Dual Occupancy 11/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 150KB) Approved
DA-21-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions    6 Vincent Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions - Deck & Carport & Change of Use - Garage to Living Room 4/4/2023 Site Plans(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 898KB) Approved
DA-20-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   3481 Thunderbolts Way, Salisbury Plains Dwelling, Shed & Tank 3/4/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 3MB) Elevations(PDF, 405KB) Approved
DA-19-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   64 Maitland Street, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision 10/3/2023 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 825KB) N/A Under Notification
DA-18-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 23 Bendemeer Street, Bundarra Installation of Two 4,500 Litre Fuel Storage Tanks 10/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 527KB) Elevations(PDF, 777KB) Approved
DA-17-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   Lot 11, 189 Balala Road, Balala Dwelling Alterations & Additions 10/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 386KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-16-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 171 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie  Alterations & Additions to Commercial Development - Kitchen Extension 7/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 591KB) Approved
DA-15-2023 Mr D Bower 44 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Dweling 3/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 920KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-14-2023 Mr T St Clair 5 Faulkner Street, Uralla Change of Use - Dwelling Alterations - Convert Sunroom to Walk-in Wardrobe & Ensuite, Enclose Carport & New Garage 3/3/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 734KB) Under Assessment
DA-13-2023 Croft Surveying & Mapping 26 Hill Street, 18 Hill Street, 29 Maitland Street, Uralla Boundary Adjustment - 4 Lots into 4 Lots  27/2/2023 Plan of Boundary Adjustment (PDF, 902KB) N/A Approved
DA-12-2023 Ms M McKenna 23 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Dwelling & Shed 27/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 473KB) Approved
DA-11-2023 Mr B Westaway 10 Lighthorse Parade, Invergowrie Shed with Carport 17/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 818KB) Elevations(PDF, 111KB) Approved
DA-10-2023 Mr T Harris-Steel 48 Queen Street, Uralla Double Carport & Covered Deck on Existing Piers 8/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 588KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-9-2023 Mr T Davies 109 Leece Road, Uralla Shipping Container for Dog Grooming Business 1/2/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 134KB) Elevations(PDF, 183KB) Approved
DA-8-2023 Duff Constructions 1401 Bundarra Road, Invergowrie Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pool 31/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Pool Elevations(PDF, 137KB) Approved
DA-7-2023 Miss P Matthews Shop 1, 51 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use - Food and Drink Premises 31/1/2023 Internal Layout(PDF, 46KB) Signage(PDF, 527KB) Approved
DA-6-2023 Ambrose Building Development Solutions   Lot 35 Hill Street, Uralla Demolition of Existing Office Building 30/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 229KB) N/A Approved
DA-5-2023 Buildcert Planning 6 Wilkens Street, Uralla Dwelling 12/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 291KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-4-2023 Mr D Carlon 1033 Kingstown Road, Balala Expand Size & Increase Production of Existing Quarry 12/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 622KB) Environmental Impact Statement(PDF, 103MB) Under Referral
DA-3-2023 Mr N Waters 183 Linfield Road, Mihi Shed 10/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 4MB) Elevations(PDF, 79KB) Approved
DA-2-2023 New England Sheds 164 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Dual Occupancy Dwelling/Shed 11/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 969KB) Elevations(PDF, 173KB) Approved
DA-1-2023 Mr D Weiley 28 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Shed 10/1/2023 Site Plan(PDF, 359KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-75-2022 New England Surveying & Engineering 296 Noalimba Avenue, Kentucky South Subdivision of 4 Lots into 2 Lots 16/12/2022 Plan of Consolidation(PDF, 64KB) N/A Approved
DA-74-2022 Mr J George 691 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Installation of Relocated Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 15/12/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 59KB) Elevations(PDF, 288KB) Approved
DA-73-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 343 Rocky River Road, Rocky River Shed 13/12/2022 Being updated Elevations(PDF, 184KB) Awaiting Applicant
DA-17-2022-2 RuralPlan Consultants 365 Mount Butler Road, Arding Dwelling 13/12/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 137KB) Elevations(PDF, 103KB) Approved
DA-72-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 189 Everton Vale Road, Rocky River Dwelling 6/12/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 989KB) Approved
DA-71-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 29 Maitland Street, Uralla Shed 30/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 413KB) Elevations(PDF, 115KB) Under Assessment
DA-70-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 20 Queen Street, Uralla Eight Lot Strata Subdivision 30/11/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-69-2022 Mr P Strelitz 31 Bridge Street, Uralla 39.5kW Solar Panel Installation 22/11/2022 Solar Panel Layout(PDF, 216KB) N/A Approved
DA-68-2022 Mr J Ho, Natural Matters Design 20 Faulkner Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions 18/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 193KB) Approved
DA-67-2022 Mr R Westley, Integrity New Homes 8 Wilkens Street, Uralla Dwelling 18/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 138KB) Elevations(PDF, 850KB) Approved
DA-66-2022 Mr S Flannery 1171 Bundarra Road & 40 Barloo Road, Invergowrie Subdivision of 2 Lots into 3 Lots 9/11/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 171KB) N/A Approved
DA-65-2022 Fernleigh Drafting 24 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy 7/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 321KB) Elevations(PDF, 175KB) Approved
DA-64-2022 Mr C Madden 15 Plane Avenue, Uralla Garage & Carport 4/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 270KB) Elevations(PDF, 506KB) Approved
DA-63-2022 Ms J Hadler 87 Dumaresq Road, Saumarez Ponds Dual Occupancy 2/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 181KB) Elevations(PDF, 198KB) Approved
DA-62-2022 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 15 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky Manufactured Home 2/11/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 107KB) Elevations(PDF, 363KB) Approved
DA-61-2022 More Than Garages Pty Ltd 50 Hill Street, Uralla Garage 28/10/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 543KB) Elevations(PDF, 247KB) Approved
DA-60-2022 SAE Design 50 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions and Detached Garage 19/10/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 110KB) Elevations(PDF, 838KB) Approved
DA-59-2022 Croft Surveying & Mapping 340 Kingstown Road, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 12/10/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 3MB) N/A Approved
DA-58-2022 Wakefield Planning 2344 Bundarra Road, Yarrowyck Subdivision of 5 Lots into 2 Lots 11/10/2022 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 214KB) N/A Approved
DA-57-2022 Mr N Frazier 56 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Change of Use - Car Sales Yard 3/10/2022 N/A N/A Approved
DA-56-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 132 Bridge Street, Uralla Carport & Extension to Existing Shed 7/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 370KB) Elevations(PDF, 639KB) Awaiting Applicant
DA-55-2022 Mr W Sellings 119 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Retaining Walls 21/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 159KB) Elevations(PDF, 169KB) Approved
DA-54-2022 Mr N Frazier 56 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Demolish Existing Dwelling & Sheds 21/9/2022 N/A N/A Approved
DA-53-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 66 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Shed with Bathroom  20/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 761KB) Elevations(PDF, 57KB) Approved
DA-52-2022 Mr C Mortell 23 East Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision with Clause 4.6 Variation 19/9/2022 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 635KB) N/A Approved
DA-51-2022 Mrs D Fitzgerald 54 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie American Style Barn 12/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 288KB) Elevations(PDF, 117KB) Approved
DA-24-2022-2 Austam Homes 828 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Install Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy - Modification 7/9/2022 Updated Site Plan(PDF, 80KB) Elevations(PDF, 81KB) Approved
DA-50-2022 New England Sheds 47 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Shed 7/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 552KB) Elevations(PDF, 137KB) Approved 
DA-49-2022 Mrs A Simmons 915 Bindawalla Road, Abington Farm Shed 6/9/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 322KB) Elevations(PDF, 84KB) Approved
DA-48-2022 Envirotecture Projects Pty Ltd 2112 Kingstown Road, Balala (421 Lindon Road) Dwelling with attached Carport 29/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-47-2022 RuralPlan Consultants 190 Retreat Road, Balala Semi-Above Ground Pool 24/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 405KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-46-2022 Mr C Ritchie 55 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Shed 24/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 184KB) Elevations(PDF, 185KB) Approved
DA-45-2022 Mr W Sellings 11 Pomona Road, Uralla Demolish Dilapidated Dwelling & Construct Shed 22/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 158KB) Elevations(PDF, 113KB) Approved
DA-44-2022 Natural Matters Design 71 Bilga Road, Invergowrie Studio 22/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 255KB) Approved
DA-43-2022 Mr D Wright 9 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky Shed 19/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 148KB) Elevations(PDF, 176KB) Approved
DA-42-2022 Mr N Bell 53 Amaroo Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy 15/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 427KB) Elevations(PDF, 120KB) Approved
DA-41-2022 Mr P Strelitz 863 Kingstown Road, Balala Gravel Pit 9/8/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 6MB) N/A Approved
DA-40-2022 Ambrose Building Development Solutions 1009 Bundarra Road, Invergowrie Shed and Coffee Roasting Business 27/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 424KB) Elevations(PDF, 143KB) Approved
DA-39-2022 Mr C Ritchie 55 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Dwelling with attached Garage 15/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 525KB) Elevations(PDF, 525KB) Approved
DA-38-2022 Mrs S Clark 31 Fitzroy Street, Uralla Dwelling 15/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 783KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-37-2022 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 44 Pomona Road, Uralla Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 6/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 483KB) Approved 
DA-36-2022 Uralla Showground Land Manager 8A King Street, Uralla Replace Amenities Building 4/7/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 312KB) Elevations(PDF, 134KB) Approved
DA-35-2022 Alcorn Planning & Property 125 Bridge Street, Uralla Portal Framed Roof Structure 7/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 137KB) Elevations(PDF, 704KB) Approved
DA-34-2022  Rural Plan Consultants 413 Thunderbolts Way, Rocky River Dwelling & Shed 16/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 86KB) Elevations(PDF, 276KB) Approved
DA-33-2022  Austam Homes 1516 Torryburn Road, Torryburn Dual Occupancy - Rural Workers Manufactured Dwelling 10/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 88KB) Elevations(PDF, 262KB) Approved
DA-32-2022 Studio Two Architecture 13 Bridge Street, Uralla Roofed Deck, Demolition of Existing Carport & Driveway, New Carport & Driveway including Vehicle Turntable 10/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-31-2022 Mrs L Telfer 357 Rocky River Road, Rocky River Dwelling Alterations & Additions including Demolition of Existing Kitchen 10/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 323KB) Elevations(PDF, 228KB) Approved
DA-30-2022 Miss C Smith 17 Stringybark Ridge Road, Invergowrie Shed 9/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 231KB) Approved
DA-29-2022 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 132 Bridge Street, Uralla Commercial Extension & Carport 9/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 319KB) Elevations(PDF, 639KB) Withdrawn
DA-28-2022 Ms K Ritter 27 Dumaresq Street, Uralla Detached Shed with Bathroom 7/6/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 189KB) Elevations(PDF, 149KB) Approved
DA-27-2022 Rossbuild Constructions 30 Hariet Gully Road, Kellys Plains Staged Dwelling Alterations & Additions 16/5/2022 Site Plan & Elevations(PDF, 205KB) N/A Approved
DA-26-2022 New England Sheds 15 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky Shed 16/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 579KB) Elevations(PDF, 627KB) Approved
DA-25-2022 Mr C Clonan 70 Wattle Drive, Saumarez Hay Storage Shed 13/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 5MB) Elevations Approved
DA-24-2022 Austam Homes 828 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds Install Manufactured Home as Dual Occupancy 13/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 80KB) Elevations(PDF, 128KB) Approved
DA-23-2022 G J Gardner Homes 2 Somerset Close, Uralla Shed with Bathroom 12/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 522KB) Elevations(PDF, 174KB) Approved
DA-22-2022 Mr W Sellings 119 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling and Shed 5/5/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 616KB) Elevations(PDF, 965KB) Approved
DA-21-2022 Mrs E Green 60 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Shed 22/4/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 582KB) Elevations(PDF, 150KB) Approved
DA-20-2022 Ms N Kathrada 49 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy 22/4/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 624KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved 
DA-19-2022 Austam Homes 639 Torryburn Road, Yarrowyck Dwelling (Manufactured Home) 23/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 81KB) Elevations(PDF, 108KB) Approved
DA-18-2022 Austam Homes 51 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Dwelling (Manufactured Home) 23/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 76KB) Elevations(PDF, 118KB) Approved
DA-17-2022 RuralPlan Consultants 365 Mount Butler Road, Arding Dwelling 22/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 156KB) Elevations(PDF, 807KB) Approved
DA-16-2022 Perry Homes Australia 4 Wilkens Street, Uralla Dwelling 1/4/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 259KB) Elevations(PDF, 404KB) Approved
DA-15-2022 Rossbuild Constructions 103 Tulong Road, Saumarez Ponds Shed 28/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 496KB) Elevations(PDF, 620KB) Approved
DA-14-2022 Rossbuild Constructions 51 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla Shed 28/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 587KB) Elevations(PDF, 48KB) Approved
DA-13-2022 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 37A Park Street, Uralla Storage Shed 10/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 12MB) Elevations(PDF, 9MB) Approved
DA-12-2022 Ambrose Building Development Services Pty Ltd 22 Oliver Street, Bundarra Dwelling 9/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 582KB) Elevations(PDF, 934KB) Approved
DA-11-2022 Mr J Caldwell 17 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie Dwelling 3/3/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 247KB) Elevations(PDF, 439KB) Withdrawn
DA-10-2022 Mr H Carlon 8 Faulkner Street, Uralla 3 Lot Subdivision 28/2/2022 Proposed Subdivision Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-9-2022 Armidale New England Building Design 5A Plane Avenue, Uralla Dual Occupancy 25/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 848KB) Elevations(PDF, 392KB) Approved
DA-8-2022 Phoenix Foundry 44 Duke Street, Uralla Storage Shed 18/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 81KB) Elevations(PDF, 110KB) Approved
DA-7-2022 Local Government Engineering Services Pty Ltd 1 Bombelli Street, Bundarra Demolish Existing & Construct Pavilion (Dining Hall, Kitchen & Bar) 17/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 3MB) Elevations(PDF, 735KB) Approved
DA-6-2022 Mrs J Ayre 50 Duke Street, Uralla Self Storage Units 31/1/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 528KB) Elevations(PDF, 974KB) Approved 
DA-5-2022 Great Value Garages 4276 Kingstown Road, Kingstown Shed 9/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 184KB) Elevations(PDF, 151KB) Approved
DA-4-2022 Mrs R Knight 59 Pinegrove Road, Saumarez Ponds Horse Stables 31/1/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 111KB) Elevations(PDF, 858KB) Approved
DA-3-2022 Croft Surveying & Mapping 10-12 Fitzroy Street Uralla Subdivision of 4 Lots into 6 Lots - Stages 31/1/2022 Proposed Subdivision Plan(PDF, 2MB)  N/A Approved
DA-2-2022 Austam Homes 8A White Street, Bundarra Dwelling with Verandahs 1/2/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 77KB) Elevations(PDF, 127KB) Approved 
DA-1-2022 Mr M Doran 20A East Street, Uralla Dwelling with attached Garage 25/01/2022 Site Plan(PDF, 823KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-77-2021 Mr W Sellings 33 Plane Avenue, Uralla Greenkeeper's Shed Addition 23/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 356KB) Elevations(PDF, 150KB) Approved
DA-76-2021 Mr W Sellings 37 Wallinga Road, Invergowrie Shed 20/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 152KB) Elevations(PDF, 68KB) Approved
DA-75-2021 Abode Building Design 8 White Street, Bundarra Shed with Bathroom & Rainwater Tank 20/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 95KB) Elevations(PDF, 301KB) Approved
DA-74-2021 Mr W Sellings 99 Bridge Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 15/12/2021 Proposed Subdivision(PDF, 171KB)  N/A Approved
DA-73-2021 Mr W Sellings 384 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Shed 13/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 192KB) Elevations(PDF, 275KB) Approved
DA-72-2021 Mr W Sellings 175 Ferris Lane, Saumarez Ponds Dwelling Alterations & Additions 13/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 913KB) Elevations(PDF, 870KB) Approved
DA-71-2021 SMK Consultants 1831 Torryburn Road, Torryburn Feedlot Expansion 9/12/2021 Site Plans(PDF, 18MB) N/A Approved
DA-70-2021 RuralPlan Consultants 9 Oliver Street, Bundarra Demolition of Existing Dwelling/Shed & Manufactured Building to be Converted to a Dwelling 3/12/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 272KB) Elevations(PDF, 502KB) Approved
DA-69-2021 Mr W Sellings 201 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Shed on Existing Slab 30/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 152KB) Elevations(PDF, 110KB) Approved
DA-68-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping Elliotts Road, Dangarsleigh Boundary Adjustment - 2 Lots into 2 Lots Subdivision 12/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 150KB) N/A Approved
DA-67-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 31 & 39 Maitland Street, Uralla Boundary Adjustment - 2 Lots into 2 Lots Subdivision 12/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
DA-66-2021 SAE Design 99 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Sunroom Addition, New Garage, Workshop & Carport with attached Guest Suite 5/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 250KB)  Elevations(PDF, 662KB) Approved
DA-65-2021 Picton Bros Spanline 1 Dumaresq Street, Uralla Double Carport 8/11/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 281KB) Elevations(PDF, 292KB) Approved
DA-64-2021 Mr W Sellings 167 Mount Mitchell Road, Invergowrie Shed 28/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 179KB) Elevations(PDF, 184KB) Approved
DA-63-2021 Pioneer Homes 36 Dumaresq Street, Uralla Dwelling & Detached Shed 28/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 486KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-62-2021 Mr T Yeomans 670 Hawthorne Drive, Arding Orchard Hail Protection Structure 21/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 148KB) N/A Approved
DA-61-2021 ADOBE Building Design 1039 Barraba Road, Bundarra Dual Occupancy - Dwelling in Shed with attached Carport 13/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 646KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-60-2021 Mr C M Abel 218 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Dwelling 14/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 329KB) Elevations(PDF, 278KB) Approved
DA-59-2021 Tekton Building Group 38 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Dwelling 5/10/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 241KB) Elevations(PDF, 308KB) Approved
DA-58-2021 Mr W Sellings 39 Maitland Street, Uralla Shed including Shower, Toilet & Wash Basin 30/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 173KB) Elevations(PDF, 246KB) Approved
DA-57-2021 Mr W Sellings 9541 New England Highway, Arding Dual Occupancy 09/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 693KB) Elevations(PDF, 1000KB) Approved
DA-56-2021 Mr K Dixon 6 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds Demolish Existing Shed & Construct New Shed  21/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 141KB) Approved
DA-55-2021 Miss S Maxwell 151 Kalinda Road, Invergowrie Dwelling with attached Two Bay Carport, Earthworks & Shed 08/09/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 386KB) Dwelling Elevations(PDF, 337KB) & Shed Elevations(PDF, 65KB) Approved
DA-54-2021 RuralPlan Consultants 38 Bridge Street, Uralla Alterations and Additions to Existing Retail Premises (Uralla Wool Room)  24/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 477KB) Elevations(PDF, 383KB) Approved
DA-53-2021 Mr W Sellings 61 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Shed & Change of Use - Used Car Sales Yard including Signage 23/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 322KB) Shed Elevations(PDF, 133KB) & Signage(PDF, 116KB) Approved
DA-52-2021 Ms J Hicks 164 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use - Take-Away Food & Drink Shop & Signage 19/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 421KB) N/A Approved
DA-51-2021 Ms L McLane 10 Depot Road, Uralla Dwelling 18/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 59KB) Elevations(PDF, 85KB) Approved
DA-50-2021 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 5B Plane Avenue, Uralla Installation of Manufactured Home with Attached Carport 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 266KB) Elevations(PDF, 667KB) Approved
DA-49-2021 Ms S Watson 91 Bendemeer Road, Kingstown New Dwelling & Existing Dwelling Converted to Storage 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 87KB) Elevations(PDF, 83KB) Approved
DA-48-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 114 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Subdivision of 1 Lot into 2 Lots 17/08/2021 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 3MB) N/A Approved
DA-47-2021 Mr A & Mrs K South 50 Haynes Lane, Kentucky Dwelling Alterations & Additions 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 854KB) Elevations(PDF, 854KB) Approved
DA-46-2021 Mr A & Mrs K Styles 26 Hill Street, Uralla Dwelling Alterations & Additions 17/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
DA-45-2021 Mr L & Mrs C Frazier 33 Bridge Street, Uralla Signage & Change of Use - Hairdressing Salon 16/08/2021 Signage(PDF, 546KB) N/A Approved
DA-44-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 140 Bridge Street, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision 12/08/2021 Plan of Subdivision(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
DA-43-2021 Mr A Van den Hoogen 24 McDonalds Lane, Rocky River Wind Turbine 11/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 109KB) Elevations & Wind Turbine(PDF, 400KB) Withdrawn by Applicant
DA-42-2021 Mr C Stace 39 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds Shed 5/08/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 145KB) Elevations(PDF, 119KB) Approved
DA-41-2021 Mr D Hosking 1 Bombelli Street, Bundarra Horse Stable Complex 28/07/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 593KB) No Elevations Available Approved
DA-40-2021 Mr W Sellings 8A King Street, Uralla Free Standing Shade/Weather Awning 20/07/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 150KB) Elevations(PDF, 128KB) Approved
DA-39-2021 Mr M Ayre 36 East Street, Uralla Shed 30/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 439KB) Elevations(PDF, 112KB) Approved


Mr W Sellings

26 Maitland Street, Uralla

Carport & Relocated Shed


Site Plan(PDF, 176KB)

Elevations(PDF, 359KB)


Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 39A Uralla Street North, Uralla
Installation of Manufactured Dwelling & Two Bay Shed
30/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 136KB) Elevations Dwelling(PDF, 256KB)
Elevations Shed(PDF, 222KB)
DA-36-2021 Mr D Walters
38 Barleyfields Road, Uralla
23/06/2021 N/A N/A Approved
Rossbuild Constructions Pty Ltd
3 McMahon Street, Uralla
Carport 11/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 173KB)
Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
Mr C Hamilton 6 Hill Street, Uralla
Demolition of Existing Shed, New Shed with Toilet & Handbasin
9/06/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 220KB) Elevations(PDF, 130KB) Approved
DA-33-2021 Mr H Carlon
8 Faulkner Street, Uralla
Demolition of Existing Dwelling
31/05/2021 N/A N/A Approved
Mr B Cowling 418 Mihi Road, Mihi
Garage 26/05/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 623KB) Elevations(PDF, 42KB) Approved
Uralla Showground Land Manager
8A King Street, Uralla
Primitive Camping, Disabled Toilet & Shower, and Dump Site
7/05/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 818KB) Elevations(PDF, 201KB) Approved
Ms B Banister
73 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds
Cabana 5/05/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 914KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
Ms A Wolfenden 87 Devoncourt Road, Uralla Carport 28/04/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 40KB) Elevations(PDF, 94KB) Approved
Croft Surveying & Mapping Lot 156 DP 753668 & Lot 171 DP 705178 Gwydir River Road, Torryburn Boundary Adjustment – Subdivision of 2 Lots into 2 Lots 23/04/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 4MB) N/A Approved
DA-27-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping
31 & 39 Maitland Street, Uralla
Subdivision of 2 Lots into 3 Lots
22/04/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
Mr B Westaway
10 Lighthorse Parade, Invergowrie
Shed 22/04/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 529KB) Elevations(PDF, 108KB) Approved
DA-25-2021 Ms C Ball 36 Bridge Street, Uralla
Ensuite Addition to Existing Dwelling
21/04/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 523KB) Elevations(PDF, 408KB) Approved
DA-24-2021 Croft Surveying & Mapping 41 & 55 Rock Abbey Road, Uralla
Staged 2 Lots into 4 Lots Subdivision 30/03/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
Mrs T Macpherson
103 Rowan Avenue, Uralla
Change of Use – Storage Facility to Transport Depot
25/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 68KB) N/A Approved
Uniplan Group Pty Ltd
40 Tobruk Road, Invergowrie Installation of Manufactured Home 16/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 256KB) Elevations(PDF, 372KB) Approved
Mr S & Mrs M Green 592 Balala Road, Balala Shed 11/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 115KB) Elevations(PDF, 127KB) Approved
DA-20-2021 Brown & Krippner Pty Ltd 2592 Bundarra Road, Yarrowyck Consolidation of 6 Lots into 2 Lots
5/03/2021 Subdivision Plan(PDF, 6MB) N/A Approved
Ms S Egan, Picton Bros
Unit 3, 1-5 Dumaresq Street, Uralla
Carport 4/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 61KB) Elevations(PDF, 66KB) Approved
DA-18-2021 Uralla Bowling and Recreation Club Ltd
52 Hill Street, Uralla
Installation of Flood Lights 4/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
Ms N Turner 25 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky South
Shed Modification 4/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 105KB) Approved
Mr P Byrne
115 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River
Skillion Roof Addition to Existing Shed
3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 126KB) Elevations(PDF, 52KB) Approved
Mr M Patchett & Ms S Armstead 369 Kentucky Road, Kentucky
Dwelling Alterations and Additions including Verandah
3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 238KB) Elevations(PDF, 95KB) Approved
DA-15-2021 MM Building Design 3500 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla Dwelling 3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 297KB) Elevations(PDF, 801KB) Approved
DA-14-2021 Mr S Cobley 29 Plane Avenue, Uralla Verandah Extension 3/03/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 167KB) Elevations(PDF, 334KB) Approved
Mr C Madden & Ms E Phillips
37 Panhandle Road, Uralla Building Envelope Variation & Dual Occupancy – Dwelling & Conversion of Machinery Shed to Dwelling 23/02/2021 Site Plan - Dwelling and Shed(PDF, 383KB)

Elevations Dwelling(PDF, 782KB)

Elevations Shed(PDF, 500KB)

Croft Surveying & Mapping
3862 Thunderbolts Way, Uralla 2 Lot Subdivision
19/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
Mr G & Mrs E Davison
6 Depot Road, Uralla
Shed 18/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 249KB) Elevations(PDF, 104KB) Approved
Mr J & Mrs L Schalk
2 Depot Road, Uralla
Carport & Addition to Existing Shed
18/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 174KB) Elevations(PDF, 289KB) Approved
Mr S & Mrs J Field 25 Rowan Avenue, Uralla Shed Addition to Existing Office 12/02/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 318KB) Elevations(PDF, 302KB) Approved
DA-8-2021 Medam Holdings Pty Ltd 152 Staces Road, Uralla Construction & Operation of a 4.95 MW AC Solar Farm & Associated Works 5/02/2021

Site Plan(PDF, 12MB)

Layout Plan(PDF, 191KB)

Statement of Environmental Effects(PDF, 30MB)
Alcorn Planning & Property Lot 36 Warrane Road, Boorolong Replace Rural Workers Dwelling & New Shed 4/2/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 928KB) Elevations(PDF, 1MB) Approved
Mr T Jacobs 1A Plane Avenue, Uralla Shed 2/2/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 376KB) Elevations(PDF, 601KB) Approved
Mr B Faulkner
8 Depot Road, Uralla
Dwelling 28/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 65KB) Elevations(PDF, 112KB) Approved
Mr D & Mrs J Ayre
26 Duke Street, Uralla
Dwelling Additions including attached Garage
25/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 346KB) Elevations(PDF, 373KB) Approved
Glenn Hinds Design
150 Glenroy Road, Kentucky South
Dual Occupancy
15/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 325KB) Elevations(PDF, 294KB) Approved
Mr F & Mrs K Widdison 34 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie Internal Dwelling Alterations – Bedroom & Ensuite
14/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 204KB) N/A Approved
DA-1-2021 Armidale New England Building Design 8 Hunter Place, Uralla 4 Unit Residential Development 11/1/2021 Site Plan(PDF, 550KB) Elevations(PDF, 710KB) Approved
Mr P Keelan 9 Baker Road, Invergowrie Bathroom Renovation & Mudroom 18/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 612KB) Elevations(PDF, 96KB) Approved
Mr C Hull 51 John Street, Uralla Dwelling, Garage and Strata Subdivision 18/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 631KB) Elevations(PDF, 573KB) Approved
DA-54-2020 Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 105 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds Dual Occupancy 11/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 397KB) Elevations(PDF, 597KB) Approved
Ms N Turner 25 Eastern Avenue, Kentucky South Shed 9/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 234KB) Elevations(PDF, 106KB) Approved
DA-52-2020 Mr D Wooster 9 Oliver Street, Bundarra Shed 7/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 544KB) Elevations(PDF, 264KB) Approved
Mr C & Mrs A Smith 96 Green Gully Road, Uralla Dwelling & Shed 1/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 505KB) Approved
DA-50-2020 Ms B Banister 73 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds Conversion of Shed to Games Room 1/12/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 892KB) Elevations(PDF, 624KB) Approved
DA-49-2020 Mr R & Mrs D Newman 308 Wollun Road, Wollun Dual Occupancy 30/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) Elevations(PDF, 281KB) Approved
DA-48-2020 Mr J Clark & Ms S Doran 29 Fitzroy Street, Uralla Dwelling 24/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 240KB) Elevations(PDF, 311KB) Approved
Mr R Munsie 668 Big Ridge Road, Uralla Machinery & Fodder Shed 13/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 136KB) Elevations(PDF, 147KB) Approved
DA-46-2020 Mr D & Mrs S Garrahy 216 Green Gully Road, Uralla Farm Shed 5/11/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 160KB) Elevations(PDF, 429KB) Approved
Mr D Adams 313 Gostwyck Road, Uralla Quarry 4/11/2020 SEE(PDF, 832KB) N/A Approved
Mr T Jacobs 218 Rifle Range Road, Rocky River Shed 23/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 374KB) Elevations(PDF, 132KB) Approved
Mr K & Mrs S Wotton 11 Court Street, Uralla Change of Use – Conversion of Shed to Dwelling 22/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 208KB) Elevations(PDF, 367KB) Refused
Croft Surveying & Mapping
Lot 126 Baldersleigh Road, Bundarra & Lot 61 915 Bindawalla Road, Abington
Boundary Adjustment between Lot 126 DP726334 and Lot 61 DP753635
16/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 2MB) N/A Approved
DA-41-2020 Mrs T Toomey 130 Gostwyck Road, Uralla Change of Use – Home Business (Food Manufacture) 13/10/2020 N/A N/A Approved
Mr A Parker
9 King Street, Uralla Studio Extension 9/10/2020
Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) Elevations(PDF, 237KB) Approved
DA-39-2020 Mr M Grills
2 Cluan Avenue, Uralla Shed 9/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 129KB) Elevations(PDF, 203KB) Approved
Uniplan Group Pty Ltd 133 Bilga Road, Invergowrie Dual Occupancy & Shed 8/10/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 321KB) Elevations(PDF, 871KB) Approved
DA-37-2020 Ms N Butterfield 14 Duke Street, Uralla
Home Business – Manufacture of Food 14/09/2020 N/A N/A Approved
DA-36-2020 Mr W Sellings 3 Uralla Street North, Uralla
Demolition of Dwelling & Sheds 30/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 170KB) N/A Approved
DA-35-2020 Mr J Barraclough 60 Maitland Street, Uralla Extension to Existing Shed 30/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 171KB) Elevations(PDF, 280KB) Approved
DA-34-2020 Ms T Gallop 51 Duke Street, Uralla Dwelling 24/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 60KB) Elevations(PDF, 123KB) Approved
Toby Smith Building Pty Ltd 3 Somerset Close, Uralla
Dwelling & Detached Shed 16/09/2020
Site Plan(PDF, 155KB) Elevations(PDF, 224KB) Approved
Brown & Krippner Pty Ltd
4 Roman Street, Uralla
2 Lot Subdivision
Plan of Proposed Subdivision(PDF, 415KB)
N/A Approved
Ms T Farrugia
18 Burnett Street, Bundarra Change of Use from Shed to Bus Depot
2/09/2020 Site Plan update requested
N/A Approved
Mr P & Mrs P Cooper 16 King Street, Uralla Replacement Garage & Water Tank 1/09/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 172KB) Elevations(PDF, 123KB) Approved
Mr L Frazier & Ms C Baldwin
4 Munsies Road, Uralla
Dual Occupancy
Site Plan(PDF, 2MB)
Elevations(PDF, 2MB)
DA-28-2020 Miss J Bird
49 Bridge Street, Uralla Change of Use – Barber Shop 24/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 277KB) N/A
Mr E Calliess & Ms A Walsh 47 Queen Street, Uralla Four Bay Shed with Bathroom 19/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 167KB) Elevations(PDF, 2MB) Approved
DA-26-2020 Mr T Coggan & Mr J Flemming
44 Barleyfields Road, Uralla Installation of Relocated Manufactured Home 18/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 73KB) Elevations(PDF, 93KB) Approved
DA-25-2020 Mr R Thackway 132 Bridge Street, Uralla Shipping Container 17/08/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 164KB) Elevations(PDF, 142KB) Approved
DA-24-2020 AC & LM McFarlane 28 East Street, Uralla Garage with Toilet 31/07/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 84KB) Elevations(PDF, 98KB) Approved
DA-23-2020 Mr W Sellings 16 King Street, Uralla Demolition of Garage & Shed 22/07/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 173KB) N/A Approved
Uralla Rugby League Football Club 1 Gostwyck Street, Uralla Detached Unisex Accessible Amenities Block & Upgrade Existing Building including Kitchen, Roof & Floor 22/07/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 445KB) Elevations(PDF, 86KB) Approved
DA-21-2020 Mr K Mayo 26 Maitland Street, Uralla Bed & Breakfast & Caretaker Flat Upgrade 26/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 1MB) N/A Approved
DA-20-2020 New England Sheds 178 Thunderbolts Way, Rocky River Shed 24/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 4MB) Layout & Elevations(PDF, 38KB) Approved
DA-19-2020 Mr N & Mrs T Cullen Lot 542 Leece Road, Uralla Dwelling 18/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 128KB)
Dwelling Elevations(PDF, 149KB) Approved
DA-18-2020 Mr B & Mrs S Jex 15 Lighthorse Parade, Invergowrie Dwelling & Shed 18/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 634KB)

Dwelling Elevations(PDF, 524KB)
Shed Elevations(PDF, 103KB)

DA-17-2020 New England Sheds 364 Kentucky Road, Kentucky Shed 11/06/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 229KB) Elevations(PDF, 237KB) Approved
DA-16-2020 Mr J George & Ms D Board & Ms B Banister
691 Bundarra Road & 73 Macleay Way, Saumarez Ponds
Subdivision of 2 Lots into 2 Lots (Boundary Adjustment)
Proposed Boundary Adjustment(PDF, 43KB) Approved
Bundarra Central School
7 Bowline Street, Bundarra
Digital LED Sign
Site Plan(PDF, 192KB) Sign(PDF, 438KB) Approved
Mr B Faulkner
8 Depot Road, Uralla
Shed 22/05/2020 Site & Stormwater Plan(PDF, 28KB)
Elevations(PDF, 103KB) Approved
DA-13-2020 Mr R O'Halloran 17 Kliendienst Road, Uralla Shed 14/05/2020 Site Plan(PDF, 347KB) Elevations(PDF, 351KB) Withdrawn



56 Kalinowski Lane, Rocky River

Decommissioning Existing Dwelling & New Dwelling


Site Plan(PDF, 28KB)

Elevations(PDF, 65KB)



Mr D & Mrs Y Maxwell

62 Marble Hill Road, Saumarez Ponds

Dwelling Alterations & Additions


Site Plan(PDF, 786KB)

Elevations(PDF, 2MB)



Mr J & Mrs K Schultz

117 Kalinda Road, Invergowrie

Change of Use – Conversion of Shed to Dwelling – Dual Occupancy


Site Plan(PDF, 192KB)



Mr I & Mrs K Taylor

44 Budumba Road, Invergowrie

Pre-fabricated Concrete Swimming Pool & Deck Extension


Site Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Elevations(PDF, 206KB)



Mr C Hull

51 John Street, Uralla

Dwelling & Garage and Strata Subdivision


Site Plan(PDF, 648KB)

Elevations(PDF, 572KB)

Awaiting Applicant


Murall Pty Ltd

100 Bridge Street, Uralla

Additions & Alterations to Supermarket, New Carpark, Demolition of Existing Structures


Site Plan(PDF, 752KB)

Elevations(PDF, 2MB)



Mr D Brown

7 Plane Avenue, Uralla

8 Unit Development


Site Plan & Street Elevation(PDF, 8MB)

Unit Type A Elevations(PDF, 8MB)

Unit Type B Elevations(PDF, 8MB)

DA-47-2018 MJ 7 JE Croft 49 Marble Hill Road Saumarez Ponds  Modification to Subdivision 18/12/2018  Site Plan    Approved


Mr K Hartley – Starfish Enterprises Network Ltd

192 Dumaresq Road, Saumarez Ponds

Natural Burial Ground – Private Cemetery & Shed


Site Plan(PDF, 408KB)

Shed Elevations(PDF, 117KB)