Do I need approval?


Before you undertake any building work, make any changes to your building, occupy a premises or commence a new use on your land, you should check with Council and find out whether you are required to lodge an application and what sort of application this should be.

Most types of development require a development application. The types of development which will normally need a development application include:

  • New buildings
  • Alterations and additions to existing buildings, including swimming pools
  • Most types of change of use of existing buildings or premises
  • Demolition of buildings, including heritage items or buildings in a heritage conservation area
  • Alterations or additions to heritage items or buildings in the heritage conservation area
  • Subdivision of land
  • Strata title subdivision of buildings
  • Advertising signs
  • Earthworks, filling and clearing

Alternatively, some lesser impacting developments such as sheds, rainwater tanks and driveways, may only require the less onerous Complying Development process, or even be exempt from requiring development approval.

When submitting an application, visit Council's Administration Office at 32 Salisbury Street, Uralla. Your application will be given a preliminary check to ensure it has been completed correctly. The application will then be lodged and an application fee will be payable. An application fee quote can be obtained by contacting Council Administration by telephoning (02) 6778 6300.







Complying Development Certificate

In order for a Complying Development Certificate to be issued, a Principal Certifying Authority requires the same information as for a Construction Certificate. The PCA can then issue certificates for developments that comply with the state government Complying Development guidelines or Council’s adopted Development Control Plan.

Occupation Certificates

These certificates are mandatory for all structures including outbuildings, however are not required for building developments that are exempt.

BASIX Certificate

The NSW State government requires a BASIX Certificate to be obtained prior to Council or PCA issuing any construction certificate or complying development certificate for residential projects.

These projects include any new house, flats, boarding houses, guest houses, backpacker accommodation, residential extensions in excess of $50,000, and a swimming pool that has a larger volume than 40,000L. The provisions do not apply to an existing house that is re-sited or to the major part of an existing house that is not subject to renovation.

The contact details for obtaining the BASIX certificate is outlined on their website at