Waste & Recycling Services

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Uralla Shire Council offers recycling services through the yellow-lid kerbside recycling collection and collection at Uralla Shire Waste Management Facilities. Please visit our Waste Services Near You to see information on what materials are accepted for recycling at Uralla Shire Waste Management Facilities.

You can also check out our Waste & Recycling A-Z page to look up a specific item to see how you should dispose of it.

Recycle at home with the yellow-lid recycling bin

Cardboard and paper

  • Cardboard products. Please remove any staples, metal strips or plastic that may be attached. Please also flatten cardboard boxes to prevent them from getting caught in the machinery at our recycling facilities.
  • Catalogues, magazines, and junk mail including 'glossy' magazines
  • Envelopes with windows. Padded envelopes can be recycled if the plastic padding is removed.
  • Non-metallic gift wrapping. Please remove plastic bows and as much cellotape as possible.
  • Greeting cards
  • Newspapers
  • Telephone directories and Yellow Pages

Waxed paper and waxed cardboard cannot be recycled. These items can be composted at home, otherwise please place in your red-lid general waste bin.

Plastic products

All plastic containers should be empty and rinsed. Please separate lids from bottles.

  • Bleach and detergent bottles
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Soft drink bottles
  • Rigid plastics such as takeaway containers

The number in the triangle identifies the type of plastic a container is made from, not whether or not it is recyclable.

What do I do with plastic bags?

Council cannot recycle soft plastics such as bread bags, biscuit and confectionery packets, food packaging, and cling wrap. Please do not put soft plastics into your yellow lid recycling bin, as the soft plastic can wrap around machinery and cause blockages at the recycling facilities.

To prevent soft plastics from going to landfill, please take to the nearest RedCycle recycling collection point.

Glass bottles and jars

Please rinse and remove the lids and caps.

  • Jam jars
  • Juice bottles
  • Pasta sauce and condiment jars
  • Wine and beer bottles

Drinking glasses, window or mirror glass, Pyrex dishes and any kind of broken glass cannot be recycled. Please dispose of these items in the red-lid general waste bin.

Tins, cans, aluminium foil

  • Aerosol cans (empty, plastic lid removed)
  • Aluminium and steel cans 
  • Aluminium foil or trays (clean), e.g. yoghurt foil lids, Easter egg wrapping
  • Food tins, biscuit tins
  • Cooking oil drums
  • Drink cans
  • Pet foot tins
  • Metal bottle tops - collect inside clean empty tin or can and squish the lid closed to keep tops inside.

Aluminium and steel can be recycled indefinitely without any loss in quality. In fact recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy it would require to create a new can from scratch! Please help us recover this valuable resource and collect your aluminium and steel cans for recycling.

Green Waste (Garden Organics)

Clean Green (Garden) Waste

Clean green waste may be dropped off at the Uralla Waste Management Facility and Community Recycling Centre. Green waste includes:

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Branches
  • Hay
  • Flowers
  • Sawdust
  • Woodchips
  • Bark

Using Council's green waste drop off facilities, kerbside collection service, or composting or worm farming organic materials at home has significant environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and leachate production from landfill.

Please follow these tips for green waste:

  • Please separate out noxious weeds in your green waste to prevent noxious weeds from spreading in the Shire.
  • Do not put green waste in your general waste bin.
  • Do not put food scraps in your green waste.

Alternatives for Organic Waste: Composting and Worm Farming

A great way to reduce your waste is to feed your food waste to a worm farm or combine your food and garden waste together and place them in a compost bin. Your food scraps, garden waste, and other organic waste can be turned into great compost to improve the health of your garden and pot plants.

Composting reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, as organic (biodegradable) waste which is sent to landfill does not break down naturally and releases methane into the atmosphere.

The use of compost in gardening, landscaping, horticulture and in agriculture is also beneficial as it:

  • Reduces the amount of watering required
  • Reduces the amount of synthetic fertilisers needed
  • Improves the structure, fertility and health of soils
  • Helps to repair soils suffering from poor management

Garden waste can also be broken down using a mulcher or shredder and used as mulch to help prevent evaporation from the soil.

Green Waste Collection Service

The green waste collection service is available as an opt-in service for residents in Uralla township only. To obtain this service residents will need to pay the current service fee and purchase a bin. The annual service fee is charged on pro rata basis.

Residents can sign up for a green waste service through the Council Customer Service Centre on (02) 6778 6300.

What to put in your green waste bin

The green waste bin should be used for garden organic waste only, such as lawn clippings, leaves, small branches up to 15cm diameter and small plants.

Never place general household rubbish, paints, solvents, batteries, soil, food waste, building materials, needles, asbestos and recyclable materials in your green waste bin.


What is E-waste?

E-waste is electronic waste, including computers, screens, printers, scanners, faxes, TVs, microwaves and all things electrical. Uralla Shire Council uses the services of the volunteer group Computerbank New England to strip and recycle as much of the E-waste as possible.

E-Waste Recycling in the Uralla Shire

Computerbank New England collects electronic recycling ("E-waste") at the Uralla Waste Management Facility and Community Recycling Centre.

Opening hours are 9:30am - 4:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Computerbank New England strips all types of E-Waste, including computers, televisions, microwaves and other types of electrical equipment, however, there is still a substantial amount of E-waste that cannot be refurbished or recycled. E-waste that cannot be recycled is paid to be transported to another recycler or is disposed of in landfill. More E-waste at our landfill means higher costs for Council and to Uralla Shire ratepayers.

To prevent Uralla Shire residents paying for the disposal of residual E-waste of non-residents, Uralla Shire no longer accepts E-waste from outside of the Shire.