Application Forms

On this page you will find application forms related to planning and development in Uralla Shire.

Development Activity Application Form(PDF, 758KB). This form includes:

  • Development Consent
  • Construction Certificate
  • Section 68 Certificate
  • Subdivision Certificate
  • Complying Development Certificate
  • Application for Occupation Certificate
  • CDC Assessments

A version of the Development Application Form for Section 68 Certificate applications(PDF, 188KB) is also available for download.

Bushfire Attack Level Application(PDF, 44KB)

Application Form - Dwelling Permissibility Search - Building Information - Pool Compliance Inspection - Bushfire Attack Level - 2020/21(PDF, 129KB)

Application Form - Section 10.7(2) Certificate - Zoning Certificate - Drainage Diagram - Planning & Development - 2020/21 - Fillable(PDF, 153KB)

Application Form - 603 Certificate - Special Water Meter Reading - 2020/21.pdf(PDF, 126KB)

Sewer Diagrams - For Plumbers' Use(PDF, 109KB)

Application Form - Section 138 Consent for Works and Structures In/On a Public Road - July 2020(PDF, 67KB)

Application Form - Road Closure Permanent Section 138 August 2020(PDF, 149KB)

Application for Venue Hire Event on Public Land - 2020(PDF, 463KB)

Change of Ownership Form - Onsite Sewerage Management System (OSSM)(PDF, 121KB)

Application Form - Water Mains Pressure & Flow Rate Testing(PDF, 143KB)