Application Forms

On this page you will find application forms related to planning and development in Uralla Shire.

Development Activity Application Form(PDF, 758KB). This form includes:

  • Development Consent
  • Construction Certificate
  • Section 68 Certificate
  • Subdivision Certificate
  • Complying Development Certificate
  • Application for Occupation Certificate
  • CDC Assessments

A version of the Development Application Form for Section 68 Certificate applications(PDF, 188KB) is also available for download.


Uralla Shire Council Planning Certificate applications must be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal.  Please click on the link below to submit your application: 

Link to NSW Planning Portal - Online Section 10.7 Planning Certificate Service

Application Form - Drainage Diagram - Section 735A and Section 5(31) Certificates 2021-22(PDF, 230KB)

Bushfire Attack Level Application(PDF, 44KB)

Application Form - Dwelling Permissibility Search - Building Information - Pool Compliance Inspection - Bushfire Attack Level - 2020/21(PDF, 129KB)

(PDF, 129KB)Application Form - 603 Certificate - Special Water Meter Reading(PDF, 123KB)

(PDF, 123KB)Sewer Diagrams - For Plumbers' Use(PDF, 109KB)

Application Form - Section 138 Consent for Works and Structures In/On a Public Road(PDF, 67KB)

(PDF, 67KB)Application Form - Road Closure Permanent Section 138 August 2020(PDF, 149KB)

(PDF, 149KB)Application for Venue Hire Event on Public Land - 2020(PDF, 463KB)

(PDF, 463KB)Change of Ownership Form - Onsite Sewerage Management System (OSSM)(PDF, 121KB)

(PDF, 121KB)Application Form - Water Mains Pressure & Flow Rate Testing(PDF, 143KB)