Industrial Land Uralla

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Council encourages industrial development in Uralla at appropriately zoned sites per their strategic plans:

Community Strategic Plan: 3.3.2 Economy Strategic Objective: We drive the economy to support prosperity.

Local Strategic Plan: part 5 productivity – 5.2 Support new industries on employment lands.

Delivery Program: Strategy - 2.2 Grow and diversify employment through existing and new business.

Operational Plan: Action - 2.2.9 Encourage quality commercial, industrial and residential development.


Council owns industrial land with approval for sub-division on Rowan Ave, Uralla.

Status of the project:

  • Sub-division approval.
  • Proposed 3 stages.
  • Access to Rowan Ave.
  • Currently no approval to access the New England Highway.
  • At least two proposed lots back on to the New England Highway at the Southern entrance to Uralla.
  • Currently no site servicing.
  • Power, water, sewer and telecommunications nearest services via Rowan Ave.
  • Council has resolved at the 23 August 2022 Ordinary Meeting to:

     -  Obtain an independent valuation in order to provide a range of sale options (as a whole, by stage, for different size blocks) un-serviced.

Council does not currently have an unsolicited bids policy, however, is working towards being in a position to place the land on the market and welcomes confidential enquiries in the meantime.

The point of contact for this project is Council’s Manager Development and Planning, Mr Matt Clarkson on (02) 6778 6310 or

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