Industrial Land Uralla

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Council encourages industrial development in Uralla at appropriately zoned sites per their strategic plans:

Community Strategic Plan: 3.3.2 Economy Strategic Objective: We drive the economy to support prosperity.

Local Strategic Plan: part 5 productivity – 5.2 Support new industries on employment lands.

Delivery Program: Strategy - 2.2 Grow and diversify employment through existing and new business.

Operational Plan: Action - 2.2.9 Encourage quality commercial, industrial and residential development.


Council owns industrial land with approval for sub-division on Rowan Ave, Uralla.

Status of the project:

  • Sub-division approval.
  • Proposed 3 stages.
  • Access to Rowan Ave.
  • Currently no approval to access the New England Highway.
  • At least two proposed lots back on to the New England Highway at the Southern entrance to Uralla.
  • Currently no site servicing.
  • Power, water, sewer and telecommunications nearest services via Rowan Ave.
  • Council has resolved at the 23 August 2022 Ordinary Meeting to:

     -  Obtain an independent valuation in order to provide a range of sale options (as a whole, by stage, for different size blocks) un-serviced.

  • Council has resolved at the 13 December Ordinary Meeting to:

1.  approve expenditure up to the amount in the report for the costs associated with marketing and commission, and

2.   authorise the General Manager to engage a suitable commercial property agent to list the Council owned industrial land at Rowan Avenue, Uralla for sale by expressions of interest as a whole, un-serviced, that enable the Council to consider any such offers including the value of investment, number of new jobs and/or development time frame that prospective purchases commit to delivering; and

3.    be provided with report(s) to consider the expressions of interest. 

The point of contact for this project is:

Bluemarq Commercial - Director  Nick Metrevski - E:  M:0401138814

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