Tree Management Guidelines

Trees in urban areas

Council is responsible for planting, protection, management and maintenance of vegetation located on streets, roads, reserves and public open spaces in the Shire.

Trees in rural areas

Vegetation in rural zones (RU1-Primary Production and RU2-Rural Landscape) are managed by Local Land Services

Street tree pruning

Residents are not permitted to prune street trees themselves, however application may be made to Council to have a tree pruned.

Tree removal

Generally, Council will only approve removal of dead, dying or potentially dangerous trees to ensure public safety, to protect property and infrastructure, or to facilitate approved development and infrastructure improvements.

Note: If tree removal is related to development, for example, a proposed residence, extension, subdivision or other construction, the removal must be addressed in the development application.

Tree planting on nature strip/verge areas

Council requires individual residents or community groups/organisations who wish to plant trees on Council owned or managed land to:

  1. Complete and submit a Section 138 application form accompanied by a map showing location, services (water, sewer, Telstra, electrical, proximity to kerb) and detailing species to be planted.
  2. Provide a written support/letter of no objection from affected/adjacent landowners (not tenants).
  3. Provide additional information that may be required depending on the location and scope of the project

Note: Unauthorised plantings on Council owned or managed land may be removed due to safety, amenity, maintenance or infrastructure impacts concerns.