Illegal Dumping

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is the disposal of waste on land (public or private) or into water without the correct approvals from Council or the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Illegal dumping activities include:

  • Disposing unwanted household waste in bushland, road side reserves or unused quarries.
  • Disposing green waste in bushland, road side reserves or unused quarries.
  • Disposing unwanted household items on the footpath when there is no Council collection.
  • Placing asbestos waste in your kerbside bin.
  • Leaving unwanted items on the footpath outside charity shops.

Why is illegal dumping a problem for the Uralla Shire?

Illegal dumping can be opportunistic, occurring infrequently and randomly; or it can persist at the same place through repeated bad behaviour by one or two individuals.

Illegal dumping has a number of negative impacts on the community and environment of the Shire:

  • Illegal dumped rubbish close to houses can pose a health hazard to those living nearby.
  • Illegally dumped rubbish will smother native vegetation.
  • Illegally dumped green waste can introduce weeds.
  • It can pollute waterways and harm wildlife.

    The unsightly character of illegally dumped rubbish negatively impact the amenity and experience of time spent in one of the Shire's parks, bushland spaces or lagoons.

    Dumped waste can attract more dumping, decreases community pride and can discourage visitors.

    Cleaning up and investigating illegal dumping is a costly exercise that diverts Council staff time and effort away from other service areas and more positive community services.


    Fines of $4000 for individuals and $8000 for corporations can be issued on the spot, with maximum penalties up to $250,000 for individuals and $1 million for corporations. Wilful or negligent disposal of waste causing actual or likely harm to the environment has penalties up to $1 million and/or 7 years in prison for individuals and $5 million for corporations.

    How do I report illegal dumping?

    Report illegal dumping online at

    You can also report illegal dumping to Council on (02) 6778 6300, or email Council at Please provide the following information:

    • Street location of illegal dumping.
    • Types of dumped materials.
    • Date and time of dumping. 
    • Name and address of person(s) responsible
    • Associated vehicle, registration number.

    Photographs of the incident may assist the investigation.

    How do I dispose of my waste responsibly?

    Please visit our Waste Services Near You page for information of how to dispose properly of waste at one of Council's Waste Management Facilities.