Uralla Shire Electoral Wards

Uralla Shire is divided into two electoral wards, Ward A and Ward B.

The Mayor, Robert Bell was elected by voters in both Wards in the 2021 Local Government Elections.Uralla-Shire-Ward-Map.jpg

Councillors representing Ward A are as follows:

  • Tom O'Connor
  • Bruce McMullen
  • Tara Toomey
  • Leonie (Lone) Petrov

Councillors representing Ward B are as follows: 

  • Bob Crouch
  • Sarah Burrows
  • Tim Bower
  • Leanne Doran

Please visit the Our Mayor and Councillors page for information and contact details for your Councillors.

Click here to view a full size version of the Uralla Shire Ward Map.(JPG, 116KB)

To determine in which Ward you reside or check your enrolment, please visit the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Click here to visit the NSW Electoral Commission - 2021 Election Results for Uralla.