Valuation Notices

Valuation notices for 1 July 2019, issued by the Valuer General NSW have been posted out to Uralla residents in April 2020. If you don’t agree with your valuation or would like information regarding how your property was valued you must speak to the Valuer General NSW office, who can be contacted by phone on 1800 110 038 or by email on Understandably, there are always questions raised about how your valuation will affect your rates so here are some responses to frequently asked questions.

Why is the zoning on the valuation notice different to the rating category on my Annual Notice?

The zoning on your valuation notice comes from the Uralla Local Environmental Plan 2012 which is used to guide and control development. Rating categories are separate to zoning. In accordance with the NSW Local Government Act 1993 Section 493, there are 4 main categories of rateable land which are farmland, residential, mining and business. These categories can be divided into sub-categories at Councils discretion. Uralla Shire Council has opted to divide the residential category into Residential and Rural Residential.

My valuation increased, does this mean my rates will go up?

If your valuation increases this does not necessarily mean that your rates will increase by the same percentage. This is because Council’s income from rates is pegged each year. For 2019-2020 it was pegged at 2.7% and for 2020-2021 it will be pegged at 2.6%.

There are two components that make up your rates. You will find these on your Annual Notice as the General Rate and Base Rate. The base rate is the same amount for all assessments and the general rate is your valuation amount multiplied by an ad valorem rate. The ad valorem rate in prior years has been the same for all rating categories and is different each year, to ensure our total income does not exceed last year’s rates plus the rate pegging amount.

Please note that other amounts on your annual rates notice are not subject to rate pegging.

Further Information

Please refer below to the Valuer General NSW website for more information, or Contact Us to request further information.