Regulation and Enforcement

Uralla Shire Council is involved in a broad range of regulatory activities.

Uralla Shire Council is committed to:

  1. Acting in the interest of protecting community health, safety and the environment;
  2. Acting consistently, fairly and impartially;
  3. Preventing discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, political association or other personal reasons;
  4. When enforcement action is taken, that it is in keeping with the relative severity of the offence(s);
  5. When enforcement action is taken, that it is taken against the right person for the correct offence;
  6. Managing any actual or potential conflict of interest situations in a fair, consistent and impartial manner;
  7. Disclosing all evidence relevant to the alleged offence to appropriate authorities;
  8. Assisting the Court by providing all necessary information whether or not that information is in favour of the Council case;
  9. Issuing cautions to the alleged offender(s), where necessary;
  10. Making cost effective decisions concerning enforcement action having regard to the likely outcome at court; and
  11. Instigating enforcement action within the specified time limits.