Planning Applications

All planning applications, whether Development Applications or Complying Development Certificates (CDC) must be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal. To apply online, applicants must register and make an account with the NSW Planning Portal and log in to complete the online application form.

Council offers assistance through pre-DA meetings with Council planning staff. You can book a Council pre-DA meeting through the Council website here.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to submit or complete a Development Application and we can help guide you through the process.

Development Applications

A Development Application (DA) is a formal application for carrying out various types of 'development' as defined by NSW Planning legislation and Local Planning Instruments. Development includes activities such as new building works, alterations, additions, demolition, subdivision, and use of land.

Development Applications must be submitted online using the NSW Planning Portal Online DA Service.

At the time of lodgement, detailed plans and supportive documentation should be submitted to facilitate a timely assessment of your application. Failure to provide the required information will 'Stop the Clock', putting the application on hold and delaying the assessment process.

Development applications which involve building or renovation works may require additional certification. For more information, please visit our Building and Certification page.

Development Activity Application forms are available for download on our Application Forms page. This form can be used as a template for lodging an application through the Planning Portal and provides guidance for preparing a Statement of Environmental Effects, a requirement of all development applications.

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Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate is required in addition to a Development Application for any development involving building works. Such applications may be lodged and processed concurrently with Development Applications through the NSW Planning Portal. A Construction Certificate Application is seeking building approval.

Either Council or an accredited private certifier can issue a Construction Certificate as the Principal Certifier. At the time of lodgement, the owner must appoint a Principal Certifier.

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Complying Development Certificate

Complying development is a quick, simple alternative to the Development Application process. Under the DA process each application is subject to a 'merit-based' assessment. In contrast, Complying Development satisfies a range of pre-requisite planning standards and does not require the merit assessment. As is the case with Construction Certificates, Council or an accredited private certifier can issue a Complying Development Certificate as the Principal Certifier.

The Principal Certifier will require the same information as for a Construction Certificate in order to issue a Complying Development Certificate. The Principal Certifier can issue certificates for developments that comply with the NSW State Government Complying Development guidelines or Council’s adopted Development Control Plan.

Owners must appoint a Principal Certifier at the time of lodgement.

All Complying Development Certificate applications must be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal

Complying development applications which involve building or renovation works may require additional certification, such as a BASIX certificate. More information is available on our Building and Certification page.

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Section 68 Approval

Section 68 Approval is a type of development application required under the NSW Local Government Act 1993. Section 68 of the Act requires that a person obtain Council approval for a variety of works, the most common approvals sought from Council are set out below: 

  • Install a manufactured home, moveable dwelling or associated structure on land
  • Operate a caravan park or camping ground
  • Operate a manufactured home estate
  • Install a domestic oil or solid fuel heating appliance
  • Install or operate amusement devices
  • Use a standing vehicle or any article for the purpose of selling any article in a public place
  • Carry out water supply, sewerage or storm water work
  • Transport waste over or under a public place
  • Install and/or operate a system of sewage management
  • Operate an activity on a Council road reserve, such as a street vendor 

Section 68 Approvals are lodged through the NSW Planning Portal. Please contact Council if you have any questions.

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Subdivision Certificate

A Subdivision Certificate is required for Council's endorsement of a subdivision plan prior to registration with the Land Registry Services. A Subdivision Certificate should only be submitted after a developer has fulfilled all conditions of the development consent. The certificate is to be accompanied by the original plan of subdivision including the administration sheet and four copies, a section 88b instrument (if applicable) and the appropriate application fee.

For more information visit our Subdividing Land page.

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