Council Publications

2. Annual Operational Plans

The Uralla Shire Council current and past Operational Plans are available to view and download on our Integrated Planning and Reporting page.

3. Annual Reports

Uralla Shire Council current and past Annual Reports are available to view and download on our Integrated Planning and Reporting page.

4. Business Papers - Council Meetings

Business Papers for each council meeting are found on the Council Meeting - Business Papers, Agendas and Minutes page.

5. Business Papers - Committee Meetings

Visit the Budget Review and Finance Committee page for a complete list of current and past committee meeting business papers.

6. Code of Conduct(PDF, 744KB)

Councillors, administrators, members of staff of council, independent conduct reviewers, members of council committees including the conduct review committee and delegates of the council must comply with the applicable provisions of council's Code of Conduct in carrying out their functions as council officials. It is the personal responsibility of council officials to comply with the standards in the code and regularly review their personal circumstances with this in mind.

Failure by a councillor to comply with the standards of conduct prescribed under this code constitutes misconduct for the purposes of the Local Government Act 1993 (‘The Act’.) The Act provides for a range of penalties that may be imposed on councillors for misconduct, including suspension or disqualification from civic office.

Failure by a member of staff to comply with council’s Code of Conduct may give rise to disciplinary action. 

7. Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 769KB)

This Code of Meeting Practice applies to all meetings of Council and to all Committee meetings of Council without exception. Any matters arising regarding procedure of meetings are to be determined by this Code of Meeting Practice.

In the absence of a specific matter being contained in this Code the meeting shall abide by the ruling from the Chairperson.

Meeting procedures contribute to good public decision making and increase Councils transparency and accountability to the community. Councillors are accountable to their communities for the decisions that they make, those decisions should be based on sound and adequate information.

The conduct of effective meetings is an indication of good governance. Well run meetings reflect an effective partnership and relationship between the governing body of council and council administration.

The principles upon which the Code is built are based directly upon those that underpin the Model Code of Conduct. Meetings must be run fairly and the procedures used should improve decision making, not personal or political advantage.

11. Delegations of Authority Register(PDF, 113KB)

The Delegations of Authority Register was adopted by council resolution no. 189/12. The Delegations of Authority Register outlines:

  • Part A - Functions of the Mayor and Delegations to the Mayor
  • Part B - Functions of the General Manager and Delegations of Authority to the General Manager
  • Part C - Sub-Delegated by the General Manager to the Director of Engineering Services
  • Part D - Sub-Delegated by the General Manager to the Director of Administrative Services
  • Part E - Management Committee Delegations
  • Part F - Advisory Committee Delegations
  • Part G - Councillor/Staff Unit/Committees Delegations

15. Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan(PDF, 152KB)

An Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program aims to ensure that all employees receive fair and equitable treatment in the workplace, by providing an equal chance when applying for employment, training and promotion and in their work conditions.

In particular, EEP Programs address the needs of people who have been disadvantaged in the past i.e. people of non-English speaking backgrounds, aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, women, and people with disabilities.

The main aim of an EEO Program is to increase efficiency in the workplace, by utilising the talents and skills of the workforce, which can only be achieved by eliminating discrimination.

The Anti-Discrimination Act (1977) has outlawed discrimination on the basis of race or ethno-religious background, sex, marital status, pregnancy, physical impairment, intellectual impairment, homosexuality, transgender or age in employment, and in the provision of goods and services.

As an employer, Uralla Council is bound by this legislation. The implementation of the plan will be monitored and it is important that the EEO Management Plan has the support, co-operation and commitment of all staff.

16. Emergency Risk Management Report(PDF, 93KB)

Uralla Shire Council, through the Armidale Dumaresq Council, engaged QRMC Risk Management to assist it in the undertaking of an Emergency Risk Management Study to increase community safety through the identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of natural disaster and other major risks from a preventative, mitigation perspective within the area of Uralla Shire Council jurisdiction.

The study aimed to:

  • Identify hazards and sources of risk with reasonable potential to impact the communities of the Uralla local government area (LGA);
  • Analyse those risks; and,
  • Determine the Treatment Options/Strategies to reduce the likelihood and/or impact of the risk, including consideration of existing control or mitigation measures.

The study concluded that a significant risk faced by Uralla communities is wildfire (bush and grass) with a large body of work and a number of strategies currently directed at mitigating this particular hazard, both from the Council itself, the Bushfire Management Committee (local fire plans) and the Uralla SES.

17. Financial Statements

Uralla Shire Council current and past Financial Statements are available to view and download on our Integrated Planning and Reporting page.

20. Register of Government Contracts

Council is required to keep a register of government contracts worth more than $150,000 between agencies and private sector bodies. Information for recently awarded contracts can be found below in our Government Contracts register in accordance with the Government Information Public Access Act (GIPA).

The Uralla Shire Council Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2019-20 provides for the register to include contracts over $20,000. This list is updated as applicable in accordance with requirements after the Council Meeting at which the contract has been awarded.

  • Uralla Shire Council 2019-20 Register of Government Contracts

21. Register of Interests Disclosure Return (Councillors, Designated Persons and Delegates)(PDF, 81KB) 

As prescribed under Schedule 1 Additional Open Access Information—local authorities (2)(a) of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009

22. Land Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

The Uralla Shire Council Land Management Plan has been produced to comply with the Act in relation to the management of Parks within Council's area.

23. Minutes of Uralla Shire Council Meetings

Minutes for each council meeting are found on the Council Meeting - Business Papers, Agendas and Minutes page.

24. Minutes of Committee Meetings

Visit the Budget Review and Finance Committee page for a complete list of current and past committee meeting minutes.