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1. Overview


2. Annual Operational Plans

All current and past Uralla Shire Council Operational Plans are available to view and download on Council's Integrated Planning and Reporting page here.

3. Annual Reports

All current and past Uralla Shire Council Annual Reports are available to view and download on Council's Integrated Planning and Reporting page here.


4. Business Agendas and Minutes - Council Meetings

Business Agendas and Minutes for each council meeting are found on the Council Meeting - Business Papers, Agendas and Minutes page.

5. Business Agendas and Minutes - Committee Meetings

Visit the Budget Review and Finance Committee page for a complete list of current and past committee meeting business agendas and minutes.


6. Corporate Governance Improvement Action Plan 2018(PDF, 359KB)

Council committed to developing, implementing and maintaining a robust and effective corporate governance framework that embeds good governance in our culture and the processes, systems, policies and practices that guide our day-to-day operations.

Good governance is those high-level processes and behaviours that ensure an organisation performs by achieving its intended purpose and conforms by complying with all relevant laws, codes and ethics while meeting community expectations of probity, accountability and transparency.

The Corporate Governance Improvement Action Plan 2018 demonstrates Council’s commitment to developing and implementing a robust and effective corporate governance framework.

The Plan has been modeled on the Office of Local Government’s Promoting Better Practice Program (OLG Program), which enables councils to access a range of resources, tools and checklists to support their self-assessment of their operations and performance. In preparing this Plan, Council has also considered Practice Notes, Guidelines and other resources produced by both the OLG and other organisations, namely the NSW Ombudsman and NSW Privacy and Information Commission.

The Plan provides a broad overview of Council’s legislative and statutory responsibilities with respect to three key areas:

  • Organisational Planning and Performance;
  • Risk Management and Internal Controls; and
  • Decision Making Framework.

This Plan identifies a range of actions that will be undertaken by Council to strengthen and improve our corporate governance framework and compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 and other legislation.


8. Development Contributions Plans

Council adopted the Development Contributions Plans at its Ordinary Meeting held 23 November 2021.

For more information on these plans, please visit our Development and Construction page.


11. Economic Development Strategies

View Regional NSW's Regional economic development strategies, including Southern New England High Country(PDF, 4MB) of which Uralla Shire is a part. 

12. Emergency Risk Management Report(PDF, 93KB)

Uralla Shire Council, through the Armidale Dumaresq Council, engaged QRMC Risk Management to assist it in the undertaking of an Emergency Risk Management Study to increase community safety through the identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of natural disaster and other major risks from a preventative, mitigation perspective within the area of Uralla Shire Council jurisdiction.

The study aimed to:

  • Identify hazards and sources of risk with reasonable potential to impact the communities of the Uralla local government area (LGA);
  • Analyse those risks; and,
  • Determine the Treatment Options/Strategies to reduce the likelihood and/or impact of the risk, including consideration of existing control or mitigation measures.

The study concluded that a significant risk faced by Uralla communities is wildfire (bush and grass) with a large body of work and a number of strategies currently directed at mitigating this particular hazard, both from the Council itself, the Bushfire Management Committee (local fire plans) and the Uralla SES.


13. Financial Statements

Uralla Shire Council current and past Financial Statements are available to view and download on our Integrated Planning and Reporting page.

16. Government Contracts Register

Council is required to keep a register of government contracts worth more than $150,000 between agencies and private sector bodies. Information for recently awarded contracts can be found below in our Government Contracts register in accordance with the Government Information Public Access Act (GIPA).

The Uralla Shire Council Delivery Program 2017-2022 and Operational Plan 2020-21 provides for the register to include contracts over $20,000. The register is updated as applicable in accordance with requirements after the Council Meeting at which the contract has been awarded.

Register of Government Contracts 2021-22 


18. Land Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

The Uralla Shire Council Land Management Plan has been produced to comply with the Act in relation to the management of Parks within Council's area.

19. Minutes of Uralla Shire Council Meetings

Minutes for each council meeting are found on the Council Meeting - Business Papers, Agendas and Minutes page.

20. Minutes of Committee Meetings

Visit the Finance Advisory Committee page for a complete list of current and past committee meeting minutes.

21. Pecuniary Interest Disclosure Returns

Pecuniary Interest Disclosure Returns by Councillors and Designated Staff as prescribed under Schedule 1 Additional Open Access Information—local authorities (2)(a) of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009.


Cr R Bell

Cr Bower

Cr Burrows

Cr R Crouch

Cr Doran

Cr McMullen

Cr T O’Connor

Cr Petrov

          Cr T Toomey

Designated Staff

General Manager(PDF, 428KB)

Manager Human Resources(PDF, 565KB)

Director Community Services(PDF, 876KB)

Manager Community Care(PDF, 549KB)

Manager Governance(PDF, 473KB)

Manager Civil Infrastructure (Position Vacant)

Works Overseer(PDF, 584KB)

Manager Development and Planning(PDF, 456KB)

Asset Manager (Position Vacant)

Manager Waste, Water and Sewerage Services(PDF, 473KB)

Coordinator Fleet Stores and Workshop(PDF, 626KB)

22. Planning Decisions Register

In accordance with Section 375A of the NSW Local Government Act 1993.


24. State of Environment Report

A State of Environment Report (SoE) is a statement summarising the activities relevant to the environmental goals of the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) that have been undertaken by Council during its term.

State of the Environment Reporting is undertaken every 4 years to coincide with Council elections. This report most recently covers the period 2012 to 2016. It showcases the responses which Council, in partnership with our residents, community groups and other agencies, is implementing in order to address environmental issues and in some cases make our lifestyles more sustainable.