Drought and Demand Management Plans


Drought Management Plan

The Drought Management Plan outlines the various demand and supply side drought response actions that should be employed at various stages during an extended drought period. The Plan outlines Council’s restriction policy and documents various backup supply sources and emergency supply options.

Drought management planning is an essential component of the NSW Government’s Best Practice Management Guidelines (DEUS, 2004) for local water utilities. The guidelines were prepared in response to urban water reform commitments made by the NSW Government as part of the National Water Initiative (NWI). Another essential component of the Best Practice Management Guidelines is the preparation of an Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy. Council has prepared an IWCM Strategy, which outlines a plan for the integrated management of the water supply, sewerage and stormwater services within a whole of catchment strategic framework. Drought management will be a key component of the IWCM Strategy and therefore, Council's Drought Management Plan is consistent with the principles of the IWCM Strategy.

Read or download the Uralla Shire Council Drought Management Plan here.(PDF, 678KB)

Demand Management Plan

The objective of a Demand Management Plan is to encourage efficient water use through the adoption of various demand management measures. This Plan outlines the various demand management measures that Uralla Shire Council will employ in order to ensure town water demand levels in Bundarra and Uralla are both efficient and sustainable. By employing effective demand management measures, Council can expect significant reductions in water supply system capital and operating costs, along with the environmental and social benefits associated with maximising urban water efficiencies.

The Demand Management Plan complements the Drought Management Plan. The Demand Management Plan focuses on a variety of demand management measures that target the sustainable and efficient use of water at all times, year round whether or not restrictions are in place.

Read or download the Uralla Shire Council Demand Management Plan here.(PDF, 2MB)