Agendas, Business Papers & Minutes

This page contains the business agendas and minutes for Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings of Council.

Briefing sessions for Councillors on the Ordinary Meeting Business Agenda may be held on the Fourth (4)  Monday of the Month at 4pm in Chambers when required.  Public is welcome to attend. (Please note: November & December 2022 will be the Third (3) Monday of the Month)

Business agendas and minutes for the Finance Advisory Committee Meetings can be found here.

Changes to Council Meetings Due to COVID-19

Public Health Orders apply.

During the pandemic, the Council must both comply with the Public Health Orders and conduct its Ordinary (and Extraordinary) Meetings of Council from the Council Chamber; but, Councillors and staff can attend via remote methods.

Council meets the requirements of the Act that the meeting be ‘open’ to members of the public by publishing an audio webcast of the meeting along with the business papers and minutes of the meeting, so that the public is informed of what occurred at the meeting.  

Audio recordings of all meetings are made available to the public.  

Audio Recording Podcasts

As set out in the Uralla Shire Council Code of Meeting Practice, all meetings of Council and Committees of Council are recorded except those individual matters deemed confidential under the NSW Local Government Act 1993. The podcasts are owned by Uralla Shire Council and protected by copyright. No part may be copied or recorded or made available to others without the prior written consent of Council’s General Manager. 

Audio recordings of all Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings of Council are published to the Council website following the meeting and are available for a minimum of 12 months. All recordings can be accessed here.

The most recent recordings of Council Meetings are also provided below inside the corresponding envelope. 

Please note: the podcast is not the official record of Uralla Shire Council or of any meeting or discussion depicted therein. The confirmed minutes are to be relied upon as an official record of the meeting.

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