How Your Rates are Calculated

Annual Rates 

Rating Categories

Each parcel of land within Council’s area is categorised for rating purposes.

There are four land categories used for rating purposes, being:

  • Farmland
  • Residential
  • Mining
  • Business

Council has made one sub-category of the Residential category called Rural Residential. Where a property has more than one potential categorisation, Council categorises the land according to its dominant usage.

Calculation of the General Rate

Uralla Shire Council structures its rate on:

a)  a base amount -- an amount paid by every rateable property in each land category, regardless of land value; plus
b)  an ad-valorem amount -- a cents in the dollar amount calculated in addition to the base amount, based on the land valuation as determined by the NSW Valuer General.

In the 2024 rating year:

a) the base rate for all categories is $282.80; and
b) The ad valorem rate 0.2062 cents per dollar of land valuation.

As an example, a property valued at $100,000 by the NSW Valuer General would be subject to the following general rates:

 a) A base amount of $282.80 
 b) An ad valorem amount of $206.20
 Total rates $489.00

 The general rate is subject to rate pegging legislation.

Annual charges for water and sewerage funds are not subject to rate pegging legislation, however, reflect the requirement to finance the maintenance, renewal and replacement of infrastructure required for effective water supplies and sewerage systems.