Building and Certification

Builders Work

The Department of Fair Trading stipulates that residential work in excess of $10,000 be conducted by a licensed builder or an Owner / Builder Permit must been obtained.

Where the building work exceeds $10,000 in value, the licensed builder is obliged to provide Home Owners Warranty Insurance Protection and is required to lodge a receipt with the PCA.

Where an owner/builder is conducting work in excess of $10,000, the Department of Fair Trading requires them to undertake a study course on the responsibilities of the Owner Builder before issuing the Owner Builders permit.

Fire Safety Certificate

A development consent may specify fire safety standards to be ‘Essential Services’ requiring installation by a licensed or certified person to meet the standards of the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards. This certificate must be provided to the PCA by an appropriate person experienced in the standards and installation work. This certificate is usually supplied at the completion of the project.

Annual Fire Safety Certificate

Essential Services require annual certification by an appropriately qualified person and submitted to the Council or the NSW Fire Services.

Single residential dwellings or outbuildings usually do not require annual certificates, however certification is required in high risk fire hazard areas or where a severe loss of life is possible as in a nursing home, hostel or boarding house.