Role of the Mayor and Councillors

Uralla Shire Council is governed by a popularly elected Mayor and eight elected Councillors, all of whom have various duties when it comes to serving our community on Council. Together, the Mayor and Councillors comprise the governing body of Council.

The roles and duties of the Mayor and Councillors are set out in sections 226 and 232 of the NSW Local Government Act 1993.

Role of the mayor

It is the mayor’s role to:

  • Be the leader of the council and a leader in the local community,
  • Advance community cohesion and promote civic awareness,
  • Be the principal member and spokesperson of the governing body, including representing the views of the council as to its local priorities,
  • Exercise, in cases of necessity, the policy-making functions of the governing body of the council between meetings of the council,
  • Preside at meetings of the council,
  • Ensure that meetings of the council are conducted efficiently, effectively and in accordance with the Local Government Act,
  • Ensure the timely development and adoption of the strategic plans, programs and policies of the council,
  • Promote the effective and consistent implementation of the strategic plans, programs and policies of the council,
  • Promote partnerships between the council and key stakeholders,
  • Advise, consult with and provide strategic direction to the general manager in relation to the implementation of the strategic plans and policies of the council,
  • In conjunction with the general manager, to ensure adequate opportunities and mechanisms for engagement between the council and the local community,
  • Carry out the civic and ceremonial functions of the mayoral office,
  • Represent the council on regional organisations and at inter-governmental forums at regional, State and Commonwealth level,
  • Consultation with the councillors, to lead performance appraisals of the general manager, and
  • To exercise any other functions of the council that the council determines. 

Role of a councillor

Councillors are, collectively, the policy-makers of the Council and represent their Wards to bring their views into the Council’s decision-making process. They also act as an advocate for residents in resolving particular concerns relating to Council services.  

 As a member of the governing body of the Council, it is the role of a councillor to:

  • Be an active and contributing member of the governing body,
  • Make considered and well informed decisions as a member of the governing body,
  • Participate in the development of the integrated planning and reporting framework,
  • Represent the collective interests of residents, ratepayers and the local community,
  • Facilitate communication between the local community and the governing body,
  • Uphold and represent accurately the policies and decisions of the governing body,
  • Make all reasonable efforts to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform the role of a councillor.

As an elected person a councillor is accountable to the community for the performance of the council.

Councillors can be contacted by the public either directly or by mail at PO Box 106, Uralla NSW 2358.