Bundarra Sewerage Scheme


Project Background

The Bundarra Sewerage Scheme project will provide reticulated sewerage infrastructure and services to approximately 165-171 properties within the Bundarra area. The key objective of the project is to upgrade the Bundarra sewerage system to a standard equal to other towns in the region.

The current on-site sewer systems used in the Bundarra community pose health and environmental issues both to the community and the Gwydir River catchment. The new reticulated wastewater and treatment system will have a significant beneficial impact on sanitation and public health to the community of Bundarra.

The new system will mean a change from on-site treatment and disposal of wastewater within each property to a low pressure reticulated system with a single remote treatment plant. Each developed property will have its own pump and tank, and will be connected to a mains sewerage line outside the dwelling.

The project involves the construction of a sewer reticulation network and rising main within the township, a sewage pumping station to provide sufficient pressure for pumping to the treatment area, located outside the urban area to the west of the township, a transfer rising main linking the station and the treatment site, and a sewage treatment plant including ponds, irrigation area, and other associated infrastructure.

Project Overview

The project was originally funded from Restart NSW under the Regional Water and Wastewater Backlog Program, based on a total estimated cost of $5,447,000, of which 33% would be funded by Council.

The pre-tender estimated budget was significantly higher than the original estimated cost and for this reason Council requested additional funds from the State Government for the project.

In 2019 the project was approved for additional funding of $2,679,000 through the Safe and Secure Water Program. The NSW State Government recognises the importance of the project and has committed to providing up to $6,354,000 to ensure the project is successfully delivered to the Bundarra community.

This additional funding has enabled the construction phase of the project to go to tender, which was awarded to Ledonne Construction Pty Ltd at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 27 October 2020. Construction on the project commenced in late 2020. Assuming no unforeseen delays, Council expects the scheme to be commissioned in late 2021.

In the video above, Ledonne Constructions commences work at the site of the Bundarra Sewerage Treatment Plant in February 2021. The dry weather has enabled construction of the two initial oxidation ponds. This is primarily a bulk excavation activity with earthmoving equipment.

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Who to contact at Council

If you have any additional questions please contact the Manager of Waste, Water and Sewerage Services on (02) 6778 6300 or via email at council@uralla.nsw.gov.au