Office of Local Government Data


The NSW Government has a website that enables ratepayers to access comprehensive statistics on the operations of their local council and the profile of their local community. Information includes:

  • Council expenditure in a range of areas including roads, bridges, footpaths, libraries, recreation and culture, community services, and the environment
  • Community facilities including the number of swimming pools, public halls, and libraries as well as the length of roads and amount of open space
  • Key operational information including council staffing levels and average rates and charges
  • Demographic information about the local population and councillors as well as economic statistics including the unemployment rate, average income, and number of businesses.

The one-stop-shop for local government is a valuable resource for residents, ratepayers and the general community, as well as councillors, council staff, local government peak bodies, researchers, academics and State Government agencies.

The website draws on data already collected by the Office of Local Government (OLG) from NSW councils and other agencies and presents it in an easy to understand and user friendly way. It will be updated annually as new data becomes available.

To view Uralla Shire Council's data click on the link below. The page will open in a new window.