2024 Local Government Elections

In the Uralla Shire Council area, voters will be electing 8 Councillors plus the Mayor. These officials will represent our community and make decisions about our shires policies, services and important issues for the next four years.

In addition to this, electors will also be voting on two referendum questions.

As we get closer to the elections, we'll update this page with more details about how and where you can vote, becoming a Councillor, and finding information about candidates.

For more information about these elections, you can also visit the NSW Electoral Commission website or call 1300 135 736.

Who has to vote?

If you are an Australian citizen aged 18 years or more, and live in the Uralla Shire Council area, you must vote in these elections.

If you do not vote, you may receive a penalty notice.

For more information about voting, see the FAQs on the NSW Electoral Commission website.


Voting in 2024


On Saturday 14 September, the NSW Electoral Commission will conduct local government elections across all councils in NSW.

In 2024, voters in Uralla Shire will be provided with 3 ballot papers:

  1. Voters will elect eight councillors – four from each of our two electoral wards on a four-year term
  2. Additionally, Uralla Shire will hold a mayoral election, with electors voting directly for a mayor, who is in addition to the eight councillors
  3. And on this occasion, voters will also participate in a constitutional referendum.



At a meeting held on 7 February 2024, Councillors resolved to hold a constitutional referendum at the upcoming election, seeking voter direction on the following two questions through a yes or no response:

Are you in favour of the Mayor being elected by the Councillors?

If supported, this would mean that in future, voters would no longer directly elect their mayor.  Instead, voters will elect 9 Councillors and the mayor would be selected from within, and by, the nine elected councillors. If supported, the change would come into effect at the next local government election, scheduled for 2028. It does not change the 2024 election process.

Are you in favour of removing the current ward system so that all electors vote for all Councillors that represent the Uralla Shire Council area?

If supported, this would abolish our current system of wards from 2028, and voters would instead elect councillors in an undivided council area. The change would also come into effect at the next local government election scheduled for 2028. It does not change the 2024 election process.


Check and update your enrolment details

If you've moved, turned 18, or changed your name or other personal details since the last election, you should update your voting enrolment details.

Visit the Australian Electoral Commission website to check or update your details.


Non-residential roll

If you are not a resident, you may still be entitled to vote if you own, occupy or lease property in the Uralla Shire Council area as a corporation, business or individual.

You may register in your own right as an individual or as a nominated company officer (or equivalent) of a corporation. Registration is not compulsory.

Use the relevant form below for your application:

Non-Residential Roll Individual Application(PDF, 231KB)

Non-Residential Roll Nominee Application(PDF, 328KB)

Completed application forms should be sent to Council by email or by post to PO Box 106 , Uralla, NSW 2358. Alternatively deliver by hand to 32 Salisbury Street, Uralla, NSW 2358.

Non-residential role applications must be received by 6:00pm (EST) Monday 5 August 2024.

For more information, please see the NSW Electoral Commission website.


What Ward am I part of?

Uralla Shire Electoral Wards

Uralla Shire is divided into two electoral wards, Ward A and Ward B.


Please visit the Our Mayor and Councillors page for information and contact details for your Councillors.

Click here to view a full size version of the Uralla Shire Ward Map.(JPG, 116KB)

To determine in which Ward you reside or check your enrolment, please visit the NSW Electoral Commission website


Become a Councillor

If you're passionate about what happens in your local community, becoming a Councillor is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and to represent the interests of residents.

For more information on how to become a Councillor please see the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Information Session for Prospective Candidates

If you’re thinking about standing as a candidate, we are pleased to invite you to an information session at our Council Chambers on Thursday 13 June, 5:30 – 7:30pm.

A second online workshop will also be hosted on Monday 15 July, 6:00pm.

For more information, or to register for the online event, contact our customer service team on 6778 6300.

Getting Women Elected

On Saturday 29 June at 10am, the Australian Local Government Women's Association (ALGWA) will host an interactive session at our Council Chambers.

This interactive session will be an opportunity for you to hear from women about their experience in local government.

For more information contact our customer service team on 6778 6300.

Online candidate training tool

If you're considering standing as a candidate, the Office of Local Government has launched a comprehensive online candidate training tool.

This interactive resource gives you detailed information about running for election and the roles and responsibilities of councils and councillors.  It's designed to give election candidates the know-how to launch their election campaign and serve their community to the best of their ability if they are elected.

Being a Councillor: information and guide


Resources for Candidates

A strong representative council is critical to our shared success. 

Find out about whether you can be a candidate and what the process is here: Candidates and groups - NSW Electoral Commission

We also recommend attending a monthly Uralla Shire Council Ordinary Council meeting to observe the local government process in action.

To find out more about the 2024 NSW Local Government elections, visit 2024 NSW Local Government elections - NSW Electoral Commission

Being a Councillor: information and guide

Uralla Shire Council Engaged Localé Learning as Consultant

Council has partnered with Localé Learning to ensure that potential candidates have access to information about the election process and what it means to be a Councillor, including responsibilities, time commitments, and the skills and qualities needed to be an effective representative.

Localé Learning provides a suite of resources to aspiring candidates, including a free checklist for candidates, a self-led political skills reflection tool, a podcast series featuring a real-life candidate, a seven-day candidate launchpad challenge, and coaching services.

Candidates (localelearning.com.au)

Women for Election

NSW has fewer female Councillors than any other Australian state. Women for Election Australia provides information and support to encourage more women to run for public office.