Council Works Report 11 June 2021

Civil Infrastructure Works for the week ending 11 June 2021

  • Ceased Hawthorne Drive Construction (due to wet weather)
  • Grading Ross Road
  • Recommenced grading Spring Gully Road
  • Spring Gully Box Culvert and backfilling
  • Grading Primrose Road
  • Grading Pansyfield Road
  • Grading Barloo Road
  • Grading Hillview Road
  • Commenced graveling clay spots on Hillview Road
  • Continued shared foot path in Plane Avenue (see photo)
  • Continued tar patching on rural roads
  • Continued drainage on rural roads
  • Commenced guide posting on regional roads
  • Awning/BBQ/and tables and chairs at Bundarra’s New Park (see photo)

    Works scheduled next week, commencing 15 June 2021

    • Grading-Bakers-Creek-Road.jpg Continue drainage on Hawthorne Drive Construction
    • Complete grading Spring Gully Road
    • Commence grading Bakers Creek Road (see photo)
    • Complete graveling Hillview Road
    • Continue shared footpath in Plane Avenue
    • Continue tar patching on rural roads