Council Works Report 13 May 2022

Civil Infrastructure Works for the week ending 13 May 2022

  • Completed pipe extensions and commenced tree clearing on Hawthorne Drive Stage 2 construction
  • Completed gravel patching and grading Talisker Road
  • Commenced grading Goodes Road
  • Continued grading Hillview Road
  • Continued grading Old Kingstown Road
  • Commenced School Crossing in Bundarra
  • Continued tar patching on rural roads
  • Continued mowing and gutter maintenance in Uralla and Bundarra
  • Continued drainage maintenance on rural Roads
  • Completed stabilising and sealing Bundarra Road between Barbato’s Corner and Marble Hill Road using contractor (see photo)
  • Completed basketball backboard replacement at Hampden Park
  • Completed fertiliser application on sports fields at sporting complex


Works scheduled next week, commencing 16 May 2022

  • Complete tree clearing and commence earthworks on Hawthorne Drive construction
  • Complete grading Goodes Road
  • Complete grading Wilkinson’s Road
  • Complete Val View Road
  • Continue grading Hillview Road
  • Commence grading Hardens Road
  • Continue tar patching on rural Roads
  • Continue mowing and gutter maintenance in Uralla and Bundarra
  • Continue drainage maintenance on rural roads
  • Continue guide post maintenance on rural roads
  • Continue School Crossings in Bundarra