Council Works Report 13 October 2023

Civil Infrastructure works undertaken week ending 13 October 2023:

  • Complete granite overlay Warwick Street
  • Commence grading Munsies Road
  • Complete grading Danehurst Road
  • Commence grading Looanga Road
  • Complete grading Spring Gully Road
  • Complete grading Ross Road
  • Commence grading Ingledale Road
  • Continue works The Glen Project
  • Continue tar patching regional and rural roads (shoulders)
  • Continue footpaths, parks and cemeteries maintenance Uralla and Bundarra


Planned works for week commencing 16 October 2023

  • Stabilise Warwick Street rehabilitation
  • Commence grading Rock Abbey Road
  • Commence grading Balala Road
  • Commence grading Lana Road
  • Complete grading Ingledale Road
  • Commence grading Balderlsiegh Road
  • Continue tar patching Regional and Rural Roads
  • Continue works The Glen Project
  • Continue Maintenance footpaths, parks and cemeteries Uralla and Bundarra