Council Works Report 15 October 2021

Civil Infrastructure Works for the week ending 15 October 2021

  • Completed marking heavy patches on:
    • Kingstown Road
    • Arding Road
    • Kliendienst Loop
    • MR124 Bundarra Road
  • Completed patching:
    • Kingstown Road
    • Arding Road
    • Northeys Road
    • MR124 Bundarra Road
  • Commenced clearing on Hawthorn Drive Construction Stage 2
  • Completed tar patching corner on MR73 Laura Road
  • Continued tar patching regional and rural roads (see photo)
  • Completed installing pipes on Old Kingstown Road
  • Completed erecting signs on Hawthorne Drive and rural roads
  • Completed mowing Kentucky
  • Continued drainage on regional roads
  • Continued mowing in Uralla and Bundarra
  • Completed graveling wash out on Mt Drummond Road
  • Tar patchers will work on Saturday to try and catch up


Works scheduled next week, commencing 18 October 2021

  • Continue clearing on Hawthorn Drive Construction Stage 2
  • Continue patching heavy patches ready for stabilising
  • Continue tar patching on rural and regional roads
  • Commence foot path in Oliver Street Bundarra
  • Recommence grading on:
    • Athol Road
    • Blue Mountain Road
    • Gap Road
  • Continue mowing in Uralla and Bundarra