Council Works Report 17 February 2023

Civil Infrastructure Works for the week ending 17 February 

  • Continue sub base on Hawthorne Drive
  • Complete grading Bundarra urban areas
  • Commence gravelling /grading Bindawalla Road
  • Commence grading Lindon Road
  • Commence footpath bridge upgrade Bundarra
  • Continue tar patching on rural Roads
  • Continue mowing and vegetation control Uralla and Bundarra


Planned works next week, commencing 20 February 2023

  • Continue sub base Hawthorne Drive
  • Continue gravelling /grading Bindawalla Road
  • Continue grading Lindon Road
  • Continue tar patching
  • Continue footpath bridge upgrade Bundarra
  • Continue mowing /vegetation control Uralla and Bundarra
  • Commence roadside slashing rural and regional roads