Council Works Report 21 January 2022

Civil Infrastructure Works for the week ending 21 January 2022

  • Continued backfilling approach slabs on Tolleys Gully Construction
  • Competed grading Westvale Road after gravel resheeting
  • Completed grading Plug Lane
  • Completed grading Brechts Road
  • Completed grading soft spots and graveling on Barraba Road
  • Completed gravel patching and grading Goldsworth Road
  • Continued cleaning up after the storm last week
  • Completed cleaning up trees that fell in the storm at the sporting complex (will need to chip the trees and clean up when it dries out)
  • Continued tar patching on Kingstown Road
  • Continued tar patching on regional roads
  • Continued slashing and mowing in Uralla and Bundarra
  • Completed grading Looanga Road, Danehurst Road, recommence grading Balala Road using contractor
  • Continued drainage maintenance in Uralla
  • Continued sign maintenance on Thunderbolts Way Central


Works scheduled next week, commencing 24 January 2022

  • Complete backfilling approach slabs on Tolleys Gully construction and restart sub base works
  • Complete grading and gravel resheeting Glenroy Road
  • Commence grading Baldersleigh Road
  • Recommence slashing on regional and rural roads
  • Continue tar patching on rural and regional roads
  • Continue drainage maintenance in Uralla and rural roads
  • Continue mowing and weed spraying in Uralla and Bundarra
  • Continue cleaning up trees on rural roads after the storm