There are two urban centres within the Uralla Shire which have potable water supply schemes: Uralla (population 2400) and Bundarra (population 400). Raw water is sourced from the Gwydir River in Uralla Shire. The surrounding rural areas mainly rely on rainwater tank supplies for domestic water.

Uralla Water Supply 

The raw water supply for the Uralla township comes from an on-stream weir (500ML capacity) on Kentucky Creek about 5 km south west of Uralla, and through 85m of pipeline to the water treatment works.

Water is treated by a conventional sedimentation and sand filtration treatment plant with a capacity of 5 ML per day and distributed by a system comprising 3 service reservoirs with a total capacity of 5 ML, 1 pumping station, 11 km of transfer and trunk mains and 27 km of reticulation mains.

Bundarra Water Supply 

Raw water is sourced from a pump well adjacent to a depression in the Gwydir River (capacity 120ML) known as Taylors Pond. It is pumped approximately 600m to the treatment works. The water treatment plant has a capacity of 0.8 ML per day (plus a 20% hydraulic loading) and uses conventional sedimentation and sand filtration similar to the Uralla plant. Following treatment, potable water is pumped to two service reservoirs located on the northern and western extremities of the village.

Current Water Levels

Taylors Pond, Bundarra:             48.8% - 98ML as at 28 August 2019

Kentucky Creek Dam, Uralla:      55% - 224ML- as at 30 August 2019


Water Services Fees and Charges

Water Services - General 

Water access charge Uralla and Bundarra Per annum per assessment $341.00
Water supply - consumption charge Per kL $2.47


Water Connection fee

Uralla and Bundarra Service charge Per Connection
Uralla and Bundarra Connection Charge to water main Per connection within 4m of water main: 20mm or 25mm $1,200.00
Uralla and Bundarra Connection Charge to water main Per connection beyond 4m of water main: 20mm or 25mm Per m construction cost + cost of additional design requirements will apply. Price on application.


Other Water Fees and Charges

Water Meter supplied and fitted (20mm) or replaced Per Meter $180.00
Water Meter Testing only Per Meter $80.00
Fees will be refunded where meter is checked and found to be reading more than 4% over or under as per Australian Standard AS3565-1 1998 and 2004
Water Meter Special read Per read $80.00


Water Sales

Bulk water sales Per kL $5.00


Water Restriction Devices

Installation/Removal during service hours (7.30 am to 3.30 pm) Per activity $160.00


Other Costs

Council required to prune vegetation to gain access to a meter Per activity $80.00
Council required to return to property to read meter
(eg, where meter access is denied by locked yards/gates etc.
Per visit $70.00