COMMUNITY UPDATE from Mayor Robert Bell & Councillors:

Published on 04 September 2023


Council is pleased to be able to provide this update to our residents regarding exciting news about new and upgraded community and recreation facilities.

Council received NSW State & Commonwealth Government Funding to deliver four community projects for the benefit of our residents and visitors. The NSW State and Commonwealth projects funding arrangement means that these facility upgrades are delivered at no cost to ratepayers.

Rotary Park Upgrade:

The Rotary Park Upgrade Project has reached Practical Completion and is now open to the public.

The community is encouraged to drop by and have a look at the new facility. It will serve as a wonderful rest stop for travellers driving north and south.

Contract works will continue over the next few weeks as Council finalises its contractor management process but otherwise the facility is available to the community. Part of this process includes managing the current plantings as it is not known to what extent they will be affected by the winter season. Additional plants are on hand to replace any affected plants in the spring season as part of the contractors maintenance obligations over the next for 12 months.

Council would like to extend special thanks to the community members involved with the Community Garden, which is located in very close proximity to the new Park. The Rotary Park project has had a significant impact on the gardens and it operation. Council is grateful for the ongoing engagement with the community garden to ensure that this invaluable service continues recognises and appreciates the great work done by the Community Garden Group.

Pioneer Park:

Uralla residents and visitors would have noticed that work has commenced at Pioneer Park.  The planned completion for Stage 1 works is 30 September 2023.

The landmark project will deliver a Fibonacci themed walkway with seating, including an entry statement showcasing the unique Uralla postcode 2358, the only postcode in Australia that captures part of the Fibonacci sequence. An exciting component of the project is the proposed inclusion of stencilled artwork, using the conceptual designs by our local school children, as part of the pathway feature. This feature strongly supports the legacy nature of the park

The park will be replanted using tree species identified in the Council Tree Policy.

The Glen Upgrade (including The Constellations of the South)

This project has two key components:

  1. The completion of the Constellations of the South Artworks Sculptures; and
  2. Infrastructure for visitors including parking recreation and pedestrian facilities.

Constellations of the South Artworks Sculpture Garden:

Council has  approved seven artwork sculpture designs for fabrication and installation at The Glen.

The completion of this project will be the culmination of a 20 year vision for the Glen.

It will involve completion of the Constellations of the South Artworks (dependent on the remaining funding). Additionally, Council resolved at the August 2023 Meeting to develop stage 2 plans, subject to funding, ensuring that elements of the design reflect the contemporary aboriginal perspective on astronomy.

Infrastructure to support visitors:

The project will also deliver:

  1. A new asphalt entry road;
  2. A new asphalt car park with designated parking bays for recreational vehicles and the general public;
  3. Culvert crossing/s to enhance pedestrian accessibility;
  4. A connecting pathway from the recently upgraded Rotary Park; and
  5. Potentially additional park seating, BBQ and furniture.


Council received a grant under the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund for restoration and adaptive reuse of the Uralla Courthouse. Work has progressed on the key elements including:

  • New roof
  • Repairs and painting throughout
  • Extensive structural repair of the veranda

Still to come:

  • Relocation of kitchenette facilities
  • Reinstating original picket fence
  • Reuse of heritage panel – wainscoting
  • Adding disability accessible toilet facilities and refurbishment of existing toilets
  • Rewiring of premise where required

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Council has resolved to receive heritage advice from the appointed Heritage Advisor regarding the Courthouse Refurbishment project



NOTE: all projects are being delivered using NSW State & Commonwealth Government Grants and at no cost to Council or ratepayers. Please keep an eye on Council’s website for any closures needed while work continues.

These projects will help Uralla become a true “meeting place” for community, visitors and the travelling public.


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