Uralla Town Water Supply - Latest on the Bottled Water Alert

Published on 23 December 2019

Over the past five days over 150,000 litres of bottled water has been distributed to Uralla residents after the bottled water alert was issued. This equates to about 40 litres per resident of the town and its surrounds.

“I trust that everyone has stockpiled sufficient water to get them through Christmas because on Christmas Day no water will be available for distribution. After the initial distribution has been completed we are planning to scale down the delivery of water and ask that people exercise restraint in the collection of future supplies,” Council’s Acting General Manager said.

The Council is currently working hard to reduce arsenic concentrations in the treated water and will provide confirmation on its progress after New Year’s Day. Until the Council can provide confirmation that the town water supply meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, the bottled water alert will remain in place.

David Aber – Acting General Manager
For further information contact: Council Tel: 02 6778 6300 Email: council@uralla.nsw.gov.au

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