New Mayor and Councillors of Uralla Shire take office

Published on 24 December 2021


Deputy Mayor Cr Crouch is appointed

It’s been a race to the finish line as election results are officially declared for Uralla Shire Council and councillors meet today, on Christmas Eve, to take their oath or affirmation. 

While Robert Bell quickly came out in front as the popularly elected Mayor, the community has been excitedly watching the count as postal votes and preferences are distributed and the final line-up is formed.    

The new representatives are, from WARD A:

• Cr Bruce McMullen

• Cr Tom O’Connor 

• Cr Leonie (Lone) Petrov

• Cr Tara Toomey

From WARD B:

• Cr Tim Bower

• Cr Sarah Burrows

• Cr Bob Crouch

• Cr Leanne Doran 

Councillors met this morning to hold their inaugural Ordinary Meeting of Council, and to take their oath or affirmation of office. Council also voted to appoint Cr Crouch as Deputy Mayor.  

“I’m honoured to take the leadership role in the new council for Uralla Shire,” said Mayor Bell, who joins council for a second term, having been elected as councillor at the last elections held in 2016.

“I’m joined by a group of dedicated, community-minded councillors who bring a range of experiences and insights with them into the role,” Mayor Bell said. 

Of the eight other representatives who make up Uralla Shire’s new council body, Cr Crouch, Cr Toomey and Cr O’Connor all held roles in the former council. Cr Doran (previously known as Cr Cooper) served on council between 2012 – 2016. Cr Bower, Cr Burrows, and Cr Petrov will be new to the role.

“I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all those councillors here today who have put their hand up to be part of the team to shape the future of Uralla Shire,” said General Manager Kate Jessep. 

“And to the other candidates who weren’t successful in gaining a place in this council, I congratulate you for making it as close a result as it was – and perhaps we’ll see you at the next election.” 


For media enquiries, please contact: 

Heidi McElnea, Communications Officer | 0407 448 532 



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