Rainfall Overflows Uralla’s Kentucky Creek Dam

Published on 18 February 2020


Uralla Shire Council is pleased to announce that following recent rains in the Kentucky Creek catchment area, the Kentucky Creek Dam is at 100% capacity as at 18 February 2020.

“While we have had welcome rainfall in the Shire over the past month, little has fallen in the Kentucky Creek catchment area until this past week,” Council’s Acting General Manager David Aber said. “The Kentucky Creek Dam levels have risen from 29% two weeks ago to overflowing today.”

Residents are reminded that the bottled water alert will remain in effect until Council is able to provide consistent testing results confirming that the arsenic levels have been reduced to below the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Level 5 water restrictions for Uralla will also remain in place until such time that the bottled water alert can be lifted and Council is satisfied that the capacity of the yet to be implemented treatment plant upgrades can meet the normal peak demand.

Mr Aber confirmed that Council is working hard to address the issue of elevated arsenic in the water, “This has been a persistent and difficult problem for our own and the State Government’s staff. We need to work carefully to ensure that we have a robust practical solution to the problem that will provide future protection as well as meet our immediate needs”.

Any solution will be subject to detailed testing before implementation.

“We want the solution for Uralla to be both robust and reliable,” Mr Aber said.

David Aber – Acting General Manager
For further information contact: Council Tel: 02 6778 6300 Email: council@uralla.nsw.gov.au


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