Upgrades Commenced at Uralla Water Treatment Plant

Published on 03 March 2020

Uralla Shire Council is pleased to advise that work has now commenced on the installation of the upgrades to the Uralla Water Treatment Plant and Council staff are progressively rolling out the plan to treat the elevated levels of arsenic within the Uralla town water supply without delay.

Significant rainfalls in February in the catchment area has diluted the concentration of arsenic in the raw water supply at Kentucky Creek Dam. This dilution in the raw water entering the treatment works, combined with the ferric chloride pre-treatment processes Council staff have undertaken, has already yielded positive results.

“Pending approval from NSW Health, we may be able to resume potable supply once the water moves through the full water system at the Treatment Plant,” Council’s Acting General Manager David Aber said.

The Uralla Water Treatment Plant will continue to operate at the level 5 restriction production rate while the upgrade works are in progress. To assist with flushing the system of the contaminated water, residents are able to use water in their gardens and wash their cars between the hours of 6pm and 7pm daily from Tuesday, 3rd of March 2020 to Tuesday, 17th of March 2020.

“I appreciate the community’s continued patience and am pleased to confirm the progress Council staff have made,” Mr Aber said.

“If the current level of progress continues, I expect that the bottled water alert will be lifted and we can ‘boot the bottle’ within the next two weeks.  We remain optimistic that the days of bottled water will be behind us.”

David Aber – Acting General Manager
For further information contact: Council Tel: 02 6778 6300 Email: council@uralla.nsw.gov.au


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