Uralla Shire Council to Review Water Security

Published on 29 November 2019

Media Release

Uralla Shire Council to Review Water Security 

Mayor Michael Pearce has announced that the Uralla Shire Council has resolved to review the water security for its rural, Bundarra and Uralla residents.  The decision was made following debate at the last Council meeting on the issues the community is facing with the ongoing drought and the need to ensure water security for residents.

“Significant demands have been placed on the water supply in recent months and the Council has now had to impose Level 4 water restrictions.  If demand is not mitigated and the drought conditions continue, the Council will be forced to impose Level 5 restrictions within weeks” the Mayor added.

Details on the current water restrictions for Uralla and Bundarra can be found at the following web address. https://www.uralla.nsw.gov.au/files/assets/public/hptrim/water-restrictions-table-2019_1.pdf .   The Council will be working with Z-NetPlus to provide information to the community on how they can go about saving water.

“A workshop is being organised on the 10th December for the Council to explore avenues to reuse water from the sewerage treatment plant as well as review its existing water strategy to provide greater water security,” Council’s Acting General Manager Mr David Aber said.  “Any interested potential users who would like to make use of the recycled water are welcome to make contact with the Council” Mr Aber added.

The Uralla Sewerage treatment plant produced an average of 428,000 litres of treated effluent per day last year. The treated effluent is disinfected prior to discharge to Rocky Creek adjacent to the treatment plant. 

Please contact the Council’s Manager of Waste, Water & Sewerage Services on 6778 6300 for any additional information or send an email to Council@uralla.nsw.gov.au to register your interest in accessing the treated effluent or request additional information.



David Aber – Acting General Manager


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