Request for Quotes: Supply of plants in Uralla NSW

21 August 2020, 05:00 PM

Uralla Shire Council invites suitably qualified parties to submit quotes for the supply of plants in Uralla, NSW.

The scope of quote includes:

  • Supply of tree stock: Total 48 of (first preference) Kurrajong, River Oak, Yellow Box, Blakelys Red Gum, Apple Box, Narrow-leaved Peppermint, White or Mountain Gum. (Second preference) Eurabie or Blue Gum, Mugga Ironbark, Snow in Summer, Chinese Elm, White Cedar, Stone Pine, Chestnut, Walnut.
  • Supply of shrubs / groundcover: Total 500 of  (first preference) Westringia Zena, Poverty Wattle, Grevillea lanigera Miniature, Grevillea Juniperina Red, Spiny-leaved Mat-rush, Darling Pea. (Second preference) Correa Dusky Bells, Outback Sunrise Emu Bush, Dianella Uralla or Mini Flax Lily, Nodding Saltbush, Many-flowered Mat-rush, Creeping Saltbush.
  • Delivery to Uralla NSW.

If the requested species requested are not available, suitable alternatives may be substituted in the quote. Shrubs / ground cover should generally not exceed 600mm in height once mature.

Please forward quotes to by 21 August 2020.

Delivery of plant stock must be complete by 18 September 2020.