Residential Aged Care Fees


Commonwealth Funding, Fees and Charges

 The following information is available from the My Aged Care website at

The Australian Government contributes to the cost of aged care services. You are expected to contribute if you can afford to. How much you pay depends on your financial situation.

If you’re ready to access services, call My Aged Care to find out which type of aged care you may be assessed for.

It is also important to get a financial assessment from the Department of Human Services as soon as possible.

The Schedule of Fees and Charges can be downloaded from the Department of Health and Aged Care website here

Accommodation Deposit Payment options:

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)

Daily Accommodation Deposit (DAP)


Maximum refundable
accommodation deposit

Maximum daily accommodation
payment (If no RAD is paid)

Example of paying 50% of RAD and remaining 50% by DAP



RAD $112,500.00

DAP $15.41